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Final Design
Going to Mars Assistance
By: Mrs. Richards' 5th Grade Class

Narrative Description


We designed a small robot 3x3ft that will fit easily in our rover. It will be sent out to explore and collect samples from the Martian surface. It will contain miniaturized equipment, a video camera, computer, radiation sensors, collection containers, drill and small retrieval arm, plus an oxygen tank with enough air to get an astronaut that might be outside the rover with the assistant back safely to the rover. It would be made of light-weight light-reflecting aluminum alloys. Powered with small solar batteries and run on treads with an option to be used as a hover- craft. The computer and sensors will allow on the site analysis of collected data.

Compare/Contrast Analysis

This rover would be useful on both earth and Mars. It will be light- weight and be a self-contained lab. Earth has a wide variety of landscapes more so than Mars. Our robot assistant would work well on either planets terrain.  It will also work in any of Earth’s climate areas, which are nowhere near the harshness of  the Martian Climate.



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