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Preliminary Design
Going to Mars Transportation
By: Mrs. Richard's 5th Grade Class

student drawing of mars habitat

Narrative Description


The rover we designed for transportation of our Mars’ astronauts would be able to hold four astronauts. It has tread wheels one on either side of a ball shaped rover. The tread

wheels have the ability to raise and lower to accommodate changes in the Martian landscape, when necessary the wheels can convert into a hovering mode.

The rover is powered by a light- weight solar panel. To exit the rover release a robotic

probe there’s a hatch on the bottom of  the rover’s balled body. The rover is made of a light- weight inflatable rubber, it has a reflective surface to help deflect radiation and the heat on the Martian surface. There is a clear window of strong plastic and glass alloyed ot allow astronauts a clear view.

Compare/Contrast Analysis

This is a design that could be tested easily on Earth’s surface where there is high

volcanic activity. But it’s not a practical vehicle for Earth given when exploring Earth we don’t need to worry about radiation, excessive heat, or deal with weight limits for  transportation of vehicles.


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