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Preliminary Design

By: Adam, Brett, Grace, Matt, Ragan and Cody
Ms. Wright’s Class

Purpose of assistant

The robot would have solar panels to save up solar energy. If something happened to the ship (such as a power failure) it could restore some power to the rocket. There could also be a camera mounted on the assistant somewhere, so that it could also help take pictures on Mars.


To get started we will need the following items (we might need a few more or less items): some type of tires (whatever tires would be most compatible with the terrain of Mars, we would also need six wheels). A solar (rechargeable) battery, a solar panel or a model of a solar panel if a real one is not available. A tin box for a base or a better base. A disposable camera protected by a heat shield. Some kind of legs to connect the wheels to the base. A motor, some wires and connectors that make the assistant operate correctly. We will attach the wheels to the legs, the legs to the base. Then put all the wires in the assistant and make sure it is operational. Next we will attach the solar panel and battery. Finally we will make a holder for the camera so it won’t fall off the assistant because the terrain on Mars is so rocky.


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