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Preliminary Design
Protection and Clothing

by Oralia, Jose, Jennifer, Erick, Tiffany
Mrs. Zarybnisky’s Class

student drawing of astronaut suit


Narrative Description

An astronaut suit has to have a pressurized atmosphere to prevent your bodily fluids from boiling.

            Space suits cannot use normal air- 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen.  the low pressure would cause dangerously low oxygen.  Most spacesuits provide a pure oxygen atmosphere for breathing.

            An astronaut breathes out carbon dioxide.  The concentration of carbon dioxide would build up to deadly levels.

            The materials of a spacesuit are orth-fabric, aluminized Mylar, neoprene-coated fibers, Dacron, urethane-coated nylon, tricot, spandex, stainless steel, and high strength composite materials.  All the materials have to be maneuverable and some for comfort.


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