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Preliminary Design

By Nick, Nate, Trey, Stephanie, Alyssa
Mrs. Zarybnisky’s Class

student design of rover with tools

            Our rover has a camera on it to take pictures of rocks.  It also picks up rocks with the claws and puts them in the back.  The rover has steel solar walls.  The hubcaps are made of the hardest rubber on Earth.  The reason why we have a camera is because we want to see if it is a lava rock or a crystal rock.  The reason why we have the hardest rubber is because in can handle the rough terrain on Mars.  The reason shy we have steel solar walls is so that the people inside can breathe easily.  Whenever the rover flips over the balloon flips it back on its wheels.  There is an adjustable attachment driver.  A control panel is used to turn off the attachment driver and the retro-jets.  The retro-jets are used to slow down instruments and to make the rover go faster.



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