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Link to questions & answers from the October 13 webcast!

Challenge Participation

Where do I submit my student's preliminary design that is due on October 31 for the Mars Analog Challenge?

From the calendar you can find it under the Oct.31 "Helpful hints for sending in your designs." or go directly to:

I don't understand what you want the students to turn in on Oct 31st. Do you want actual answers to the questions posted on the field trip web page? Diagrams and drawings of proposed mars colonies they have come up with? Our teachers and students need some clarification.

Answer from Challenge Coordinator:
I would say yes on all. Diagrams & drawings with their descriptions of the whys and hows. For instance, in the area of Protection/Clothing (see ) -- Student design looks like diagram, is made of xxx, because xxx. The students will get feedback from the scientists at this point, so that they are sure they are going in the right direction -- they should also receive some hints as to how to fine tune their designs.

Question: Hope today went well (with the webcast)! We couldn't pull kids from classes to meet the time, but I was wondering if it will be archived as just a video or something that we can download and show over a lcd projector? Thanks for all your hard work.

Answer from Challenge Coordinator
The webcast is archived and you may view it from:

Question: My children are very much interested in registering for the fall challenge on Mars Analog. The public school my children attend is not participating and my children would miss an opportunity on a topic that is of interest to them. Is the participation required from the school or can they register independently just like any home schooler would do.

Answer from Challenge Coordinator
Please do join us. No classroom is required, but it helps if an adult would register and oversee the process. Do all or any part of the challenge (depending on the number of children) that you find in the teacher's page. If you would have your children do the pretest using the adult registrant's name and a number you create as ID for each, that would help to. See the calendar of instructions @
Welcome aboard,

How do we get the web chat scheduled for the 12th of October? What are the details on that as far as time, duration, etc. We've never done a webchat or webcast we need video conferencing equipment or just computers?

Answer from Challenge Coordinator:
First, please note: The webcast is Thursday, October 13 from 11 a.m. to 12 noon Pacific Time. The instructions for participating in a webcast are at:
In short, if you have not participated in a webcast before it will involve downloading the free RealPlayer, install it on the computers you will be using for the video feed, and test it with the links on the above page.
You have the best chance of having your questions answered (because it is difficult to predict conditions at Lassen) if you submit them early (before October 10) to:

When do we get the instructional plans?

Answer from Challenge Coordinator:
Instructional Plans are posted online at:

: What do I need to do to get student IDs for my 7th and 8th grade students?
I'd like them to participate in the NASA Quest.

Answer from Challenge Coordinator:
We will be opening registration on September 12 -- you will assign each of your students a four-digit ID to be used in the pre- and post-evaluations. Please keep a list of these IDs in case students forget them. Pairing the pre- and post-tests is very important.

I am ...from India. I want to know:.
1. Can i join to your Fall NASA Quest Challenge?
2. Can i do that work from India only or i have to come in U.S.?

Answer from Challenge Coordinator:
We would be delighted to have you join us from India - we've had several groups from India join us in past Challenges. Would you like for me to put you on our mailing list to receive notice as this and other projects begin registration? Let us know at:


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