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Happy Birthday Dr. Tombaugh!

Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto in 1930, celebrated his *90th birthday on February 4th, 1996.

See Kids' Birthday cards here
"Attend" the Birthday Party here


ALL.....Students were asked to:

    Research Clyde Tombaugh's background and the discovery of Pluto by using library resources and online resources. There is also a commentary entitled Clyde Tombaugh's Blinking Persistence at : http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/pluto/vol1a.htm (that is vol one-a)

    and other related info on the discovery of Pluto at Pluto Home Page : http://dosxx.colorado.edu/plutohome.html

THEN.....Students chose to do one or more of the following:
  1. Make a group birthday card which highlights Clyde's achievements or contains poetic verse in celebration of his discovery of Pluto or have students simply write a special personal message to Clyde! Use your creativity!

  2. Have individual cards created using a paint program (like KidsPix or Paint Shop Pro, etc.) showing Clyde on the night of his discovery in 1930.

  3. Students can create an acrostic birthday card using PLUTO as the key word... or use a related word/phrase and decorate the card with images, drawings, special greetings! ex P--perseverance and persistence in believing in yourself
    L--late nights scanning the heavens
    U--underworld -- Pluto is named after this mythical god
    T--telescope.... "know your telescope" your slogan!
    O--observatory at Lowell where Pluto was discovered

    These acrostics can be generated on the computer through a paint program or word processing program. Please print out your student's work and have them sign with a special greeting to Clyde.

  4. Have students write an imaginative 1 page short story about their own imaginary planetary discoveries and what happened the night they became "junior Clyde Tombaugh's"..... what did they name their planet? What does it look like? What struggles did they encounter as they searched the heavens?

    During the project, the Passport team saw to it that all greetings and items were delivered to Dr. Tombaugh during a special presentation.

    Credits and Contacts

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