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Jupiter PLANET ADVOCATE Reta Beebe suggests:

Jupiter, The Giant Planet, by Reta Beebe, Smithsonian Press, Wash. D.C. 1994. ISBN 1-56098-417-1.
This is a general book that covers the whole Jovian System and was edited to be appropriate for the interested reader. A revision of the chapter on the Shoemaker-Levy 9 is due Jan 15, 1996. At that time the Press expects to turn it into a paper back.

Another general book is
Jupiter by Hunt, G & P. Moore. New York: Rand McNally & Co, 1981.

The New Solar System by Beatty, J.K. and A Chaikin., Sky Publishing Co., Cambridge, Mass. ISBN 0-933346-55-7.

A Textbook: Unfortunately the new edition will not be out until mid-spring.
The Planetary System by Morrison, D. and T. Owen, Addison-Wesley Publishing Corp. 1988. ISBN 0-201-10487-3.

Coverage of Voyager

Voyager Team."Mission to Jupiter and Its Satellites:

    Voyager 1, Science (June 1, 1979) pp. 945-1008.
    Voyager 2, Science (Nov 23, 1979) pp. 925-995.
These are heavily illustrated and written for the general audience. They cover the early discoveries of the Voyager Missions.

Periodicals that would be useful are available on local news stands and public libraries:

    Astronomy (ISSN 0091-6358)
    Sky and Telescope (ISSN 0037-6604)

Other publications are:

    The Planetary Report (ISSN 0037-6604) Published monthly by The Planetary Society, Pasadena, Calif. and
    Science News
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