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More Neptune References

Sanjay Limaye, a scientist at the Space Science & Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a participant in this project writes: "For a popular article on Neptune, see Astronomy Magazine, August 1991, page 38. The title is, "Neptune's Weather Forecast; Cloudy, WIndy and Cold". The author is yours truly, and one of the support astronomers for the Live from Hubble.

Astronomy, "Neptune Revealed", Dec 1989, pg22-34

Sky & Telescope, "Voyager's Last Picture Show", Nov 1989, pg 463-470; "Neptune and Triton: Worlds Apart", Feb 1990, pg 136-145 Scientific American, "Neptune", Nov 1989, pg 82-91

Science, "Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of Neptune's Cloud Structure in 1994",
June 23, 1995, pg 1740-1742

Aviation Week & Space Technology, "Space Telescope Spies Storms on Neptune", Apr24, 1995, pg 59



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