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About Passport to Knowledge

Passport to Knowledge is an ongoing series of "electronic field trips to scientific frontiers via interactive television and the Internet". Targeted primarily at middle schools, Passport to Knowledge projects are easily adapted to elementary and high schools. These innovative educational experiences are supported by NASA, the National Science Foundation, and PBS K-12 Learning Services.

Passport to Knowledge incorporates leading-edge telecommunications technologies via World Wide Web sites, e-mail and listservs, live and taped videos carried by NASA-TV and many PBS stations, and print materials, created by research scientists and educators. The project encourages flexible use by those with varying levels of technology and access, from video or print only, up to full Internet connectivity.

Live From the Hubble Space Telescope, was an unprecedented, real-world scientific adventure -- encouraging students to collaborate with leading astronomers, as they design and undertake observations of the planets Neptune and Pluto.

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