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About Neptune

by Heidi Hammel

What's interesting about my planet?

What I like best about the planet Neptune is that every time you look at it, it's different, so Neptune can be >your< planet. The pictures that would be taken of Neptune would be yours. No one else would have seen the clouds that you see and they'll never be seen again probably. And so that means that the pictures of Neptune you take would be absolutely unique...

One of the biggest surprises when the Voyager spacecraft flew by Neptune was a huge dark spot on the planet, and we called it the Great Dark Spot. We weren't able to see it from Earth because Neptune is the most distant planet from us right now, and it is very hard to see things there. When we looked with the Hubble space telescope last year that Great Dark Spot was gone! It had simply disappeared, it wasn't there anymore, which was a big surprise but, when we looked very, very carefully, we saw a different big, dark spot on the planet, in the northern part of the planet -- the other one was in the South -- so that means Neptune's atmosphere just turned upside down! When we would look at Neptune this time we don't know what we are going to see: there might be a whole, new dark spot and that dark spot would belong to this group, they would have discovered it.

...this big dark spot... is a huge storm, a big hurricane. Apparently the hurricanes on Neptune don't last very long, and one of the things that would be really interesting to know was, how long do they last?

Planet Advocate, Heidi Hammel further writes about looking at Neptune and its rings and satellites


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