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Weather Maps

Thank You for Submitting Your DATA!

This Page now reflects the completed activity. Please compare the maps made by our observation with those of the Weather Channel. I think we did great!

General Information

Registered Station Location Map North America
All 69 Registered Stations, with Hawaii Map
You can also see a list of Station information ASCII list.(Text)

Data and Maps can also be obtained by using anonymous FTP to quest.arc.nasa.gov
Files are in the 'hubble' directory.

Mr. William A. Gutsch, Jr. has incuded a detailed explanations of the weather data. Thanks, Bill!

Maps for 4/15 (3 late submissions not plotted)

Maps for 4/16 (3 late submissions not plotted)

Maps for 4/17

Maps for 4/18 (corrected 4/22)

Maps for 4/19

Return to Weather Activity Page.

Any Questions? Please send them in to: weather@quest.arc.nasa.gov via E-mail.

Page last updated 4/23/1996


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