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Happy Birthday

from Leonard Elementary school
in Troy, Michigan

This birthday greeting to Dr. Tombaugh is from a 4th grade class at Leonard Elementary school in Troy, Michigan. So, as the teacher, I would like to begin the greeting process: Best wishes and many more! Dr. Dennis Raetzke Happy Birthday Dr.Clyde Tombaugh! Kathleen D. Happy Birthday Dr.Clyde Tombough! Natalia B. Happy Pluto Day Emily S. Happy birthday Dr.Clyde Tombaugh Alison R. Happy Birthday (90 th ) Bryan O. Hope you have a great birthday. Ravae W. Dr.Tombough Happy Birthday Best Wishes! Lisa D. Hope you have a happy 90th Birthday Julie D. Hope you have a wonderful 90th birthday! Jessica H. Best wishes on your 90 birthday! Andrea Have a Happy 90 Pluto Birthday! Amber M. Happy 90th B-day! Neil A. Happy 90th birthday dr.T ANNE MARIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR.TOMBAUGH! FROM BrianH. hAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. TOMAUGH THANKS FOR FINDING PLUTO ASHLEY! hAPPY PITO DAY DR.TOMAUGH FROM MAGEN! Happy 90th B-Day DR.Tombaugh; Pluto isn't the Limit for us. Happy 90th birthday Dr. Tombaugh FROM ROBING happing birthday from Brian Happy Birthday ! I hope you have the best birthday ever erin Happy90th birthday DR CLYDE TOMBAUGH! JENNIFER Happy birthday Dr clyde tombaugh Christen Happy birthday Dr Tombaugh! Im glad you found pluto for us! Its my favorite planet! Lea Happy 90th B-DAY! Dr.Pluto! JEFF Best wishes Dr. Tombaugh! Geoff Happy 90th birthday Dr. Tombaugh! Jaclyn F. happy 90th birthaday from chris Happy Birthday! Mike ---------- Dennis Raetzke Email:raet9801@spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov

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