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Marilyn Kennedy Wall's Students from Bridgewater, Virginia

Students from Bridgewater, Virginia

Teacher Marilyn Kennedy Wall writes:
"My students are the real achievers, I am merely the spokesman for them. They are the real stars and I am so proud of their accomplishments." She goes on to relate the impressive achievements of her students on the ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Achievement), and says:

I am convinced my students' achievements are a result of their collaboration and work with the PTK program. The work they are engaged in through LFS and HST motivated them to read, write, imagine and create. They become inspired because they know what they are doing has something of value, some connection with the real world. They are not asked to do just another workbook page, but instead are asked to do real work in the real world. Their achievements through technology gives them confidence in themselves and boosts their self-esteem. My students know they are winners!

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