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Student Stumpers

While Live from the Hubble Space Telescope was in progress, Student Stumpers was a site created for students to connect with other kids around the world who were also participating in the project.

In this sections, students made up questions about this project that they thought would be difficult to answer. Students emailed their responses directly to the student author of the question. Below is a list of questions resulting from this project: (Note: These are no longer active since the purpose was communicating during the LFHST project) and many of the addresses were temporary during the school year.

One last question received June 5, l996:

    How long does it take for a baby star to develop? Answer to: Benjamin Daniel

Received April 9, l996:

    What do scientists think the white spots on Pluto are?
    Answer to: Amanda Gilliam

Received April 3, l996:

    How many galaxies are in the entire universe?
    Answer to: Gary Landsverk

Received April 2, l996:

    How long will it take to make a complete journey around the solar system?
    Answer to: Jane Albers

    How often can earth see Hyakutake?
    Answer to: Brent

Received March 30, l996:

    How many rings does Saturn have?
    Answer to: Michael Jender

    What is the smallest planet?
    Answer to: Katy Wilhelm

Received March 28, l996:

    How big is Jupiter
    Answer to: Wesley Smith

    What is a teserect?
    Answer to: Wick or Remi

Received March 25, l996:

    How many Solar systems do we really have....?
    Answer to: Jameel

    Describe the two types of planetary motion.
    Answer to: Daffy

Received March 21, l996:

    What is the last stage in a star's life?
    Answer to: Carolyn Morse & Kari Cohen

Received March 18, l996:

    What is the furthest planet from pluto?
    Answer to: Matt Carter
Received March 14, l996:

    In what year was the Hubble originally scheduled to launch and what delayed the launch?
    Answer to: Tom

    Why is no life form found on the moon?
    Answer to: Abby

Received March 12, l996:

    Answer to: Michael L. Dvorsky

    How many moons does Neptune have?
    Answer to: Casey Douin

    What is a nebula?
    Answer to: Wayne Edwards

    What is the age and size of the universe according to the low and the high Hubble Constants?
    Answer to: Nate Deering

Received March 7, l996:

    What really has caused the overlap in Neptune's and Pluto's orbit?
    Answer to Martekei and Kari

    What happened to the first probe on Venus?
    Answer to MARK

Received March 6, l996:

    When a probe passed near Neptune, why did it increase in speed?
    Answer to Lenny

Received March 5, l996:

    Why is Pluto thought to be a double planet?
    Answer to Ryan and Matt

    What do astronomers call moons?
    Answer to Joanna Smith

    What will you weigh on each of the planets, and what would your mass be?
    Answer to Kaylin Ackerson and Lowrie Ward

    What is the only "object" in our solar system besides earth and our moon that has earthquakes?
    Answer to Lauren Sapiega

    Which of Jupiter's moons did the person Galileo discover?
    Answer to Keri LaBrant and Sarah Burton

    How many moons do we NOW think Jupiter has?
    Answer to Natalie Natorpole

    Is Charon's atmosphere made of the same thing as Pluto's atmosphere?
    Answer to Brett Walker

    Who discovered the rings of Jupiter?
    Answer to Steven Lasswell

    Describe Neptune's Atmosphere?
    Answer to Angela Lafferty

    What happened to Neptune's Great Dark Spots?
    Answer to Carlos Lopez

    Explain what happend to Neptune's Great Dark Spot.
    Answer to David Greene

Received March 4, l996:

    What makes Neptune blue?
    Answer to Tristan and Josh

    What is Jupiter's largest moon?
    Answer to Nikjeh and Julie Waldfogel

    What is Neptune's largest moon?
    Answer to Kristin Leyshock and Adrianne Kahler

    How old is Jupiter's Great Red Spot, and what is it really?
    Answer to Will Jonassen

    Now which planet is furthest from the sun? Is it true ?
    Answer to Krystal Mihopoulos

    Answer to Dell Weible

    Does Neptune have rings?
    Answer to Kyndall Walker

    What would be the effect if the shoemaker-levy hit another planet like Earth?
    Answer to Andrew Bernd

    What is Jupiter's smooth moon? heavily cratered moon?
    Answer to Julie Waldfogel

    What asteroid is the space probe, NEAR, exploring?
    Answer to C. Dundon

Contact: Linda Conrad

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