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Live from the Hubble Team at the National Science Teachers Association Meeting in St. Louis

Section 1 - A Trip to St. Louis

The first thing I notice when I get to a new city and check into the hotel is the view out of the window. I asked for a room on the top floors so there was a lot to look at:

1. I was surrounded by many tall buildings. In the background to the left was some sports arena. tall buildings in St. Louis
baseball stadium in St. louis 2. Speaking of sports arenas, the hotel was also right across the street from the baseball stadium where the St.Louis Cardinals play. If I smooshed up against the glass and looked hard to the left, I could even see a bit of the playing field.
Down below was the Bowling Hall of Fame. I never did find the time to make a visit (my father is very disappointed in me for this oversight). Bowling Hall of fame in St. Louis
picture of a workspace 4. Since I was going to be on travel for almost a week, I needed to set up a portable workspace to keep up on important Email. Here is what the road-desk looked like.
5. I also came to depend a lot on this communication tool to keep me in touch with what was happening back at the office. picture of a telephone
convention center in St. Louis 6. St.Louis wasn't all fun and games. On the walk to the convention center, I discovered this building being torn down. One night I watched the wrecking ball whack away at the building for ten minutes. That would be a fun job to have!

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