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Live from the Hubble Space Telescope Volunteers

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Gerry Bader I am presently the counselor for the elementary division of Seoul Foreign School in Seoul, Korea. I am originally from Louisiana and have taught art, academically gifted and artistically talented before becoming a school counselor. I have also taught in Germany and Thailand. I am a member of Civil Air Patrol and am involved with Aerospace Education.

Nilay Bekiroglu I will be entering my senior year of high school in the fall of '96 and will be participating in the Dual Enrolment program provided for in the Mass Education Reform Bill at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I am an honors student. Also I'm involved in many extra curricular activites such as Science Club, National Honors Society, Drama Club, Chanson, Art Club, the Varsity Swim Team and SADD. The reason I got involved as a Smart Filter is because I love Astronomy and Space and I thought this would be the best thing to combine all my interests. Oh and I also thought it might be something cool to put on college applications. :) I'm looking forward to learning a lot and just helping out.

Louis Binder I am an Optometrist in Houston,Texas and have been fully involved in amateur astronomy for 2 years, I got the bug. I finished my full Messier List in less than 1 year with my 10" Z scope just star hopping with a Telrad. I am currently working on my Herschel 400 and Binocular Messier Certificate. Also, I am a member of the Fort Bend Astronomy Club. The Club helps with the blackout at the Texas Star Party in Fort Davis,Tx, I have attended in 1995 and returned there again for a fall/winter observing program.

Our club runs an 18" newtonian at the George Observatory in Brazos Bend State Park. I am currently being checked out on the 36 inch Reseach Telescope located there as well. I have also been a guest lecturer at the FBAC, the Houston Astronomical Society, and the Johnson Space Center Astronomical Club; the topic was how your eyes work and dark adaptation. I have always been interested in space and growing up I wanted to be an astronaut, I even interviewed John Young for a 6th grade project.

Jassen L. Bowman "I am a Seaman Recruit in the United States Navy. I ship out on June 10, 1996, and enter Navy Nuclear Power School approximately 10 weeks after that. I have volunteered for submarine duty, and hope for SeaWolf class attack subs. I graduated high school on Jan. 26, 1996. I am getting ready to take a couple community college classes just to keep my brain in gear. :) Eventually, I would like to be an engineer and work with space systems...in space! :)

I wanted to be part of the Live From the HST project because it sounded like a wonderful educational opportunity for school kids and myself. I love astronomy, particularly our own little corner of the cosmos."

Chris Brookins I alway's enjoy experimenting with new things which is why I filled out the application. I thought it would be a lot of fun to try it. I am not a very good programmer though. but I like trying to find out what's wrong if there is something wrong with it. And please keep me on the list I think this is going to be a blast.

Donna Brummett I applied to be a smart filter after finding the application by surfing the net. I was looking for a project to do with my class to help intergrate the Internet with Science. I have been teaching for five years. However, this is my first year to teach fifth grade.

Roberta Burgh I am a third year teacher at Del Rey Elementary School in King City, California. I teach 5th and 6th grade science and math and am the lead CSIN (science) teacher. My love is science and space is one of my favorite subjects (as well as my students'). While browsing the web, I searched for NASA and found lots of interesting stuff, one of which was the Live From the Hubble program. I of course said, "YES this is for me". I hope this will be the first of many projects to be involved in online. I am new to the Internet. I have been online for about 6 months. I love it! As soon as I found out our school was going online I signed up at home and began getting familiar with the web. I believe it is the future for education. What a resource for students as well as teachers.

Tom Clauset Career teacher (+25 yrs experience), former computer coordinator for K-12, I participated last year in the Live From Antarctica project and enjoyed the process.

David W. Cornelius Midpark has a homepage on the web (listed in Yahoo) which I authored and for which I am the webmaster. I am currently working on a homepage for the school district. I have been a teacher since 1969. I have taught in the Berea City School District since 1973. I currently teach ninth grade earth and physical sciences at Midpark. I have comprehensive certification in science and I have also taught biology, chemistry, and physics. During the mid-seventies, I published articles which appeared in "The Science Teacher" on individualized testing and role playing in science. In the early eighties I co-authored original research on clam distribution and behavior in the Vermilion River (Ohio) and Lake Erie. I have also co-authored curriculum in reading, literature, and oral communication K-12 for the Berea City School District. The Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronauts have always been my personal heroes. I would gladly volunteer for any shuttle flight. Working on this project will probably be as close as I ever get to exploring space. The chance to work on a national project (in any capacity whatever) involving the space program and the Internet was just too irresistable. Teacher-student shared-learning investigations have always been my favorite way to teach. So I applied and here I am!

Taylor A. Davis III I am a pre-med student at Washburn Univeristy in Topeka, Ks. I am majoring in biochemistry and physics. I am a amateur astronomer as well and have an avid interest in astronomy. For money, I work at Topeka Blood Bank where I am a phlebotomist. I love to learn and to help others learn that is why I volunteered for this project.

Nick Dvoracek I'm an Instructional Media Specialist at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, primarily involved in graphics, but branching out into all sorts of computer multimedia as the faculty demands it. I've been an astronomy buff since childhood, not a particularly dedicated observer, but a constant reader. There's a model of Galileo hanging over my head and Hubble is at the other end of the room. Since 1991, after horning in on a planetarium use course for elementary teachers, I've taught a two week course for gifted 4th through 7th graders in the university's summer program. I also have a 12 year old son. They ask lots of questions. Is that motivation enough?

Marta Fabris As a graduate student in Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology and lecturer at the University of Houston, I am always looking for opportunities to get involved in new educational projects. I have a strong foundation in IT with a specialization in Multimedia and Telecommunications technology. Further, I am eager to accept a challenge and to pursue an interesting project I know I will enjoy. Currently I am working in the design and development of an interactive multimedia package for teacher education which includes a CD-ROM and a companion software.

Ginger Feil and Jacqueline We are a homeschool family from Winter Springs, FL. I am also a part-time gymnastics coach and will soon begin teaching electric circuits to 4th graders. Jacqueline, age 9, is a talented flutist, studies ballet and loves science. We think being Smart Filter Volunteers is an ideal way to serve our global community while gaining a great deal of knowledge at the same time.

John Georganas I'm 23 years old and I study Business Administration at University of Portsmouth, UK. I've always been interested in space and I found the idea of participating in such a project very interesting.

Ludovic Grossin I'm a french student and I spend my studies in U.K.

Geoff Holt I run a planetarium for the Madison Metropolitan School District which serves over 20,000 k-adult visitors per year. I create, adapt, and present programs to groups (mostly school groups) from around this part of Wisconsin. I also put out a monthly newsletter (Jan Wee wrote the cover story on Live from HST for our Feb. issue), and I maintain a set of web pages (URL in signature below). My background is in elementary and middle school science education, with curriculum development experience in things like Project Earth Science (an NSF funded and NSTA published project to develop earth science materials for middle school. I received my planetarium training at the Morehead Planetarium while in grad school at the Univ. of NC. http://danenet.wicip.org/mmsd-it/planetarium.html I look forward to helping with this worthy project. Thanks for the opportunity. I'll be waiting.

Andy Hwang I'm currently a Jr. at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose; activities that involve helping the less fortunate and teaching kids interest me greatly.

Joel Klammer Although I teach physics, I love to play with computers in my spare time. I was born and raised in Michigan where I attended Concordia College in AnnArbor for my undergraduate degree in secondary education (major: phy. science, minor: mathematics). I worked for seven years at Valley Lutheran High School in St. Charles, IL where I taught Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Pre-Calculus. I also managed to work during this time at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, IL where I served as a programmer. From St. Charles I traveled to Hong Kong. This is my fourth year at Hong Kong International School where I have taught Physics, Accelerated Physics, Astronomy, and AP (C) Physics. I have a beautiful wife, Jane, to whom I have been married six years and a wonderful daughter, Katie, who is two years old.

Felicia Kurtz-Bank I teach a second/third grade split in a private school. I am always looking for new ways to teach. The Internet has provided endless opportunities. We participate in writing projects with a class in upstate NY, and are on several email projects. We did some of the "Live From Stratosphere " project. A lot of it was beyond us, but it was great doing some of the experiments and watching some of the video that I was able to tape from NASA-TV. My reason for wanting to volunteer is simply that I love to learn more about science and the computer. I also feel that it is very important for these types of projects to continue, so I'm willing to help. The participation in LFS was so great to watch. That much enthusiasm for learning is wonderful.

Arnaud Le Floch I am a french student who is studying Electronic in the University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom). I have obtained a BTS in Electronic Engineering (French diploma). And now, pursuing a BEng Hons in Electronic Engineering. I am interested in working with your group because I would like to learn more about NASA experiment, and because help other people is, for me, a pleasure.

Reid Miles I am a Freelance Computer Consultant, I go to school at Wright Junior College, I will be 25 in April. The Reason I wanted to get involved in this project is that I am a science Major and am currently taking a Astromony Class at college, I have always been interested in our universe, what the planets in it.. What Else?... I love science.. I mean put me in a Science class and I will never fall asleep.. But I have dealt with computers since I was I7 years old... I started with an Apple and went to IBM... That's all I can think of about myself.

Betsy Murphy I am an elementary teacher with the Western Quebec School Board, presently teaching grades 5/6 at St. MIchae's school in Low, Quebec. I have been at this school for 6 years, I have been teaching for 10!!! My background is in physical education but since moving to Quebec I have focused my energy on special education, science and computers. I am interested in motivating my students to pursue science in high school and later on hopefully in post secondary school. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to expand their knowledge of the world, I like to expose them to things they would not normally experience in such a rural community...your project looks like it could be a very interesting adventure for us all!

Jacob Noel-Storr I am an undergraduate student, studying for a physics with astrophysics BSc degree, at Birmingham University in the United Kingdom. I also run the Young Astronaut's Club for young people around the world. I have had experience in teaching space science to K-12 pupils in a variety of different schools both in lesson time and in after school clubs.

Cezar Pintilie I was born the 6th of october, 1970. My parents - teachers in high schools. Actually I'm studying architecture in IASI, Romania, the fourth year. Hobbies: computers, photography, electronics, mechanic flight. Since childhood, I've been fascinated by the space and spaceships. So you can imagine why I am very interested in ANY space activity.

David Rajan I'm a junior at Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland, CA. I love playing basketball, the violin, and the piano, and I also enjoy surfing the Web! I've always loved science and one day while surfing the NASA web site, I saw the info. about smart filtering. I thought that it sounded like a great volunteer job and a fun learning experience as well. But, at first, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do it, because of the time commitment, but my dad told me to sign up--and I did. Now it looks as though I'm going to have a lot of fun doing it!!!

Gayle Remisch Hi, my name is Gayle and I am a very happily married mother of one 4 year old little girl named Anna. I run a home day care and homeschool my daughter. My husband is Paul, he works for Canada Post Corporation. Born in England and raised in Montreal and Rio de Janeiro, I was schooled at a private boarding school on the Isle of White in England, and am the grand-daughter of a scientist. My grandfather, the late Terrence Ivey, invented the first portable mass X-ray unit during WWII, the first working Fiberglass tanker trucks for hauling hazardous chemicals, and built 2 telescopes himself by hand, even grinding the lenses himself. This is what I remember of him most, his telescopes set up in the back yard, all the work that lead up to them, watching the stars and planets night after night, charts, tables, his workroom where I played and listened to his scientific passions. I am still fascinated by the stars and this project is a way for me to keep his memory alive. I am pleased and honoured to be a part of it even in a small way.

H. Jeffrey Rosen Jeff Rosen is a senior specialist in the Multimedia & Internet Productions group at the Westinghouse Savannah River Company, which operates the federal nuclear facility at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, South Carolina. He has 17 years experience in information systems design, training systems development, and business&industrial communications. Jeff taught at the Sony Video Institute in Hollywood, and is a former Instructional Media Service staff member at the University of Southern California Cinema School. In the 1980's he led research and development of McDonnell-Douglas Corporation's Interactive Data Delivery System for commercial, military and space programs. Mr. Rosen holds an interdisciplinary B.F.A. (Visual Design in Communications Arts) from Emerson College, and an M.A. (Educational Technology Leadership) from The George Washington University. Since 1990, Jeff has been Scientist #1 in the southeast region for the National Science Foundation's "Science-By-Mail" program. I was motivated to become a smart filter because I have aerospace experience, two kids in school, and I LOVE the newest photos from the HST(esp. the Orion Nebula!).

Rene Scholte I'm a male student at the University of Twente (The Netherlands). I'm studying Applied Physics. I'm 22 years old (on April 9th I turn 23). I have a direct 24-hour a day line with the Internet. I am able to use almost every kind of internet-protocol there is. My web-browser is Netscape 2.0 beta 6 (soon to be replaced with the final version). I also can use gopher (of course). I always was very interested in astronomy, so when I saw this about the smart filter volunteer-project, I thought this is a perfect way to keep up with space-projects that are currently running. Since I have cheap and fast Internet-access it was no problem, so here I am. As for my phone number : I think that you wouldn't call all the way to the Netherlands for something but here it is The Netherlands (I don't at this point know the international access-code) 053-4895014. On your "computer"-scale i would rate myself pretty high like say 9 or even 10. Well I guess that's enough for now.

Jorge Segui I am a Mining Engineer . I am also a lecture assistant at the post grad course at Universidade Federal do Rio grande do Sul / Brazil. In the meanwhile, I am finishing a MSc degree in Blasting Technology. Next year I intend to begin my PhD in Blasting Technology at JKMRC, University of Queesland, Australia. I work at LPM Mining Research Laboratory and I have been involved with Blasting Tech for more than 12 years working directly with the industry.

What I really do LOVE is astronomy, airplanes, hangliding, "cousine", I love all sports in general, nature... and what else? In Brazil I did not have the opportunity to become a professional astronomer. Any way, I am a backyard astronomer. I have subscribed to Astronomy and Scientific American for more than 15 years. I am at home with the stuff. I have followed the ups and downs of NASA since the golden years of Mercury, Gemini and Appolo programs. I am really suffering with the budget cuts in the 90s. The HST optics problems, the delay of the mission, Challenger disaster almost killed me too! I felt sheer ecstasy with Voyager's views...those of Io's vulcanos, the shepherd moons of Saturn, the huge engineering work done by those fantastic guys from JPL to manage the trip to Uranus...and beyond, the dark spot in Neptune, with the most fast clouds in the Solar system, the unspected N2 volcanos in Triton, the coldest body known, etc, etc. I still am suffering with the stuck high gain antenna of Galileo. I received my Astronomy issue showing the results of COBE with my breath held. I am considering very seriously sending a letter to the USA congressmen complaining about the insensitivity concerning the Cassini mission delays, budget cuts and all undesirable things! I used to delight myself with weird terms such as VLBI, WFPC-2, WIRE, SIRTF, etc. I've been a member of Planetary Society for more than 12 years. In sum, I am made of star stuff!!!!!

Barbara Weimann I have a BA with a major in foreign languages, and an MA in special education. Twelve years ago I was asked to teach high school English as a Second Language, and I have been happily doing so ever since. For the past two years, I have been integrating Internet/e-mail use into my ESL activities. When we participated in NASA's exceptional "Live From Antarctica" project, I was enormously impressed by the quality of the LIVE interactive telecasts, extensive online resources, scientific journals, and replies to student questions. I believe the educational benefits of such high caliber online projects are unique and far-reaching, so this year I was pleased to learn that I could volunteer as a smart filter and be of help in some small way. For a number of years I had my private pilot's license and I flew almost daily. Because of my love of flying, I have always followed NASA's space program with great enthusiasm; so I was particularly excited to learn that this year's educational emphasis would be on space science -- another reason why I'm so happy to participate as a smart filter for these projects. What a superb experience for young people to be able to communicate with NASA's scientists. My students and I are looking forward to "Live From Mars" and "Shuttle/Mir."

Andrew Willis I live in Mexico. I'm 13, boy, been on the Net for around 8 months

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