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Project News


This section provides spotlight notes on all of the HST web pages, Hubble news releases, and a link to the "Updates" newletters; for example:


Friday May 3:
Our final challenge question is now online and anticipates our next
Passport to Knowledge adventure. You'll find it at:
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Hubble in the Headlines

Recent Hubble Headlines:
  • April 15, l996: Hubble Finds Thousands of Gaseous Fragments around Star
  • March 7, 1996: Hubble Reveals Surface of Pluto for the First Time
  • February 12, l996: For the first time ever, K-12 Students get hands on The Hubble Space Telescope as part of innovative "Passport to Knowledge" Project.
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Resembling a bizarre setting from a science fiction movie, dramatic images sent back by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have surprised astronomers by uncovering thousands of gigantic tadpole-shaped objects surrounding a dying star. four dots

Project Update Archive (a link to LFHST Newsletters)


Designing the Neptune imaging sequence
by Heidi B. Hammel
January 23, 1996
The votes are in and the students have spoken. After tallying up all the counts and discussing the options, it was decided that two of the "Live From HST" (LHST) orbits will be used to image Neptune. Now my job was to decide exactly how to use the time in those two orbits. four dots

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This page was created by Tobin Snell and Josh Parker, seniors at Palo Alto High School in California.


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