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Behind the scenes pictures

description at right This is a view of the STOCC just before the broadcast
Harry Wynn, Rick Fredo, and Tony Cruz answered questions from students during the broadcast. description at left
description at right Shift Supervisor Mike Arnold and his team operated the HST throughout the show.
description at right Hostess Camille Moody and director Richard Dowling review the script prior to the broadcast.
Camille Moody, Harry Wynn, and Rick Fredo moments before the cameras started rolling. description at left
description under photo description under photo
Producer Richard Dowling prepares finishing touches while Dwight manages controls from the truck
description at right Planet advocates Marc Buie and Heidi Hammel pose with a student and models of "their" planets
description under photo description under photo
Sasha Haines-Stiles and Jan Wee check for email Wow! did we get letters!

credits and contacts

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