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Meet: Kyle Hott

photo of Kyle HottKyle in the NGAS ROC

Northrop Grumman

Who he is:
Kyle always had an interest in flight growing up. He became interested in aerospace engineering during high school as a great way to work on a wide variety of exciting vehicles such as fighter planes, missiles and spacecraft. Kyle graduated with a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2008, with an emphasis on space systems design and electric propulsion research. Kyle recently completed his first year at Northrop Grumman after joining the Launch & Operations systems engineering department in August 2008. He has worked on various projects & space systems while at Northrop, including the Space Tracking & Surveillance System (STSS) missile tracking satellites and the Lunar Polar Quest (LPQ) lunar sample return proposal. Kyle enjoys downhill skiing, surfing, playing guitar and traveling in his free time.

Job Description:
Kyle is currently serving as a Data Engineer (call sign = "NG DATA") at Northrop Grumman's Redondo Beach, California Remote Operations Center (ROC). As NG DATA, he is responsible for providing on-console support during LCROSS flight operations, focusing on managing the ROC's ground system and providing subsystem engineers with telemetry data and analysis. Should a problem occur with the LCROSS spacecraft anytime during the mission, he is on call 24/7 to assist with analyzing and fixing the problem.

LCROSS Mission Specifics:

The Northrop Grumman Operations Leader offered Kyle an opportunity to be a part of the LCROSS mission in March 2009 after he saw need for an engineering support position, which of course Kyle happily accepted. Kyle was eager to join the mission because it offered a unique opportunity to learn the art of flying a fast-track spacecraft, hunt for water ice on the moon, and create, and then fly through, a cool explosion in space. Kyle is excited to see the results of the LCROSS mission. These results could have a significant impact on the exploration and settlement of the Moon, which could be used as a stepping stone for exploring Mars and the rest of the solar system.

Visit the NASA Mission Site @ http://www.nasa.gov/lcross

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