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photo of Emory Stagmer

Meet: Emory Stagmer
Northrop Grumman

Who he is:
A computer enthusiast and programmer since the earliest days of microcomputers, Emory started writing programs on a Commodore PET. Studying Computer Science, Christian Education, Music, and Telecommunications at Oral Roberts University represents a bit of the diversity Emory has brought to LCROSS. Now a 33 year veteran computer programmer, Emory has worked on spacecraft for the last 12 years, having previously worked on EO-1, WMAP, EOS-Aura, and X37 among others. Emory runs a recording studio, UnTied Music, and plays a wide range of music from medieval to modern progressive rock to leading music in church on Sunday mornings.

Job Description:
Emory is currently the Lead C&DH Flight Software Engineer for LCROSS and is working flight operations as "SOFTWARE". Emory is also a public speaker and has been a guest speaker at schools and Yuri's Night 2009 in Baltimore, MD. His public photo-blog is on the internet at http://tinyurl.com/lcross-is-go

LCROSS Mission Specifics:
Emory was working for Northrop Grumman Corporation's Electronic Systems division at the time LCROSS was announced. On the day of the announcement that the Ames/Northrop team had been awarded this opportunity, he walked into his boss's office and told him that he was transferring to Northrop's Lanham facility to become the Flight Software Lead and has been on the program full-time ever since. "The opportunity to lead a team creating software for a program on the vanguard of NASA's return to the moon has been one of the most exciting, exhausting, stimulating, rewarding, and fascinating times of my life. The NASA and Northrop personnel working on LCROSS are some of the best in the world and I've been highly honored to be numbered with them."


Visit the NASA Mission Site @ http://www.nasa.gov/lcross

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