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Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS)

View biographies of the scientists and engineers who are part of the LCROSS mission.photo of Jennifer Heldmann in space suit

GAVRT Student

Students will be able to command the giant
34-meter, 500-ton dish located at NASA's Deep Space Network to follow the progress of LCROSS from their classrooms
and help NASA monitor spacecraft health and status.

Telemetry Project

In partnership with the GAVRT (Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope)

tn of gavrt telescopt

thumbnail of lcross approading moon

Exploration Through Navigation:
Charting a Course to the Moon Challenge

This challenge requires students to chart a course from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Fla., to one of the lunar poles by using navigation skills appropriate for outer space.


cartoon of habitat moving on moon

Participate in NASA Quest’s Lunar Outpost Design Challenge scheduled for Fall 2006! Students, primarily in grades 5–8, will be challenged to design systems to support living and working on the moon. This webpage also features teacher resources, NASA biographies, and a lunar reading list.

  thumbnail shot of Palomar

Journey to Palomar
Oct 8th Webcast
Archive of this webcast
is available for viewing.
Featured are the top astronomers from the future telescope projects.

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LRO Education Pages


On the Moon Activity Guide:
Offers six hands-on challenges that bring engineering and NASA's moon missions to life.

On the Moon Activity Guide
astronaut on the moon with flag

Explore images, videos, and journals from the Apollo missions at the following websites:

The Apollo Image Gallery
Apollo Audio and Movie Segments
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

artists impression of Lunar Prospector
picture of teachers' manual

Teachers can download the Exploring the Moon Educator Guide for classroom activities and hands-on experiments.


The Lunar Prospector Education
has links to educator guides, lessons, models, and more.

What does it take for a world to be habitable to humans? Astro-Venture allows students in grades 5-8 to explore this question through interactive investigations in astronomy, geology, atmospheric science, and biology.

screen shot of astrobiology website

opening screen of what's the difference software

Use What's the Difference? to compare and contrast the moons and planets in our solar system. You can also input your own data sets to create an interactive customized comparison tool.


Take the "Cratering the Moon" Challenge one step further with the Moon Math Supplemental Guide activities. Students will
1) approximate the area and volume of a classroom-made crater,
2) calculate and compare the
scale of lunar craters to classroom craters, and
3) observe how the
size, mass, and angle of impact of a projectile affect the area and
volume of a crater.


thumbnail of Moon Math educator's guide(Algebra and geometry
for grades 5-8.)

How will the crater created by the LCROSS impactor compare in size to other craters on the Moon?
Compare lunar crater sizes.
Selene is an online game being developed by Center for Educational Technologies® and the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future to study how youth learn through educational videogames.
Visit Selene.
connect to the moon
The Connect to the Moon page shares opportunities for students, teachers, and the public to learn more about the Moon and get involved.  Would you be willing to put a link on your sites?  http://www.lpi.usra.edu/education/lprp/
question mark Got questions about LCROSS? Submit your questions to us.

mymoon_logoMyMoon uses social networking to bring lunar scientists, educators,
artists - and you! - together to converse about NASA's lunar science and exploration, and our eventual habitation of the Moon. Visit and contribute to ever-changing exhibits, galleries, and contests. Get involved in events and opportunities as we explore the Moon! http://www.lpi.usra.edu/mymoon/

Moon Tasks Logo
NASA invites college students to get involved with NASA's return to the moon by helping to design the tools and instruments needed for the next-generation manned moon rover. http://moontasks.larc.nasa.gov/
NASA invites high school and college students from all areas of study to submit art work on the theme "Life and Work on the Moon."
Moon back to the future art contest NASA eClips™ are short educational videos designed for K-12 students. The videos and educator resources connect science, technology, engineering and mathematics to real world NASA missions.
Check out the Launchpad music video, Finding Water on the Moon!
logo for eclips
Logo for ASP's Family Astro The Moon: A Resource Guide
for educators, amateur astronomers, and everyone who would like to know more about the Earth's only natural satellite...
NASA Quest logo
For more design challenges, biographies, interactive multimedia,
and other fun, educational
stuff, visit
NASA Quest.

Visit the NASA Mission Site @ http://www.nasa.gov/lcross









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