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Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS)
  1. Planetarium version of Flight to the Moon: LRO and LCROSS
    This video news brief has both a fulldome version and a flat-screen version.
    For information on ordering a planetarium version of Flight to the Moon:
       Mike Murrey, Programs Manager
       Clark Planetarium
       110 South 400 West
       Salt Lake City, UT 84101
       (801) 456-4949

  2. Prepare for Impact
    Flight to the Moon: LRO and LCROSS (.mov) (the planetarium shows official title)
    Water on the Moon music video
    Let’s Kick up Some Moon Dust poster
    Let’s Kick up Some Moon Dust flyer (pdf) or (jpg) or (psd)
    LCROSS Overview (pdf) or (ppt)
  3. For Educators
    On the Moon Educator Guide
    NASA eClips™ -- short educational videos designed for K-12 students.
    Finding Water on the Moon --Launchpad Music Video
    LCROSS Storybook
    Future of Exploration
    Moon Math Craters! Supplemental Educator Guide
  4. Additional Resources

    DVD Cover_Front.jpg (2.54M)
    LCROSS-Impact-Web-Link.jpg (12K)

    LRO Print matter:

       For posters:
       Peake DeLancy Printers, LLC*
       2500 Schuster Dr.*
       Cheverly, MD 20781*
       Attn: Neal Chalkley**

       LRO stickers      NP-2007-5-87GSFC
       Strine Printing Co, Inc.*
       *Attn: Doug Swartz 717-505-9321*
       30 Grumbacher Rd*
       (I-83 Industrial P/P.O.Box 149)*
       York, PA 17405

       Lapel Pins:
       (800) 259-6496    
       In all cases, they may need to reference our order numbers (possibly #13003)

       Orders were placed by Planners Collaborative
       ph 800-698-5746

       T-shirts, caps, etc.

       Bookmarks are from Promoworld.
       The contact is John Routt at or 301-879-1866.    

       Stickers, patches, and lapel pins are from Elite Images.
       The contact is Gina Williams at or (301) 924-5877.


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