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Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS)

Selected Presentations from the
Workshop on Lunar Crater Observing and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) Site Selection
Held at NASA Ames Research Center October 16–17, 2006

Introduction to Workshop and Overview of Process
Jennifer L. Heldmann (NASA ARC, SETI)

LCROSS Mission Overview
Anthony Colaprete (NASA ARC)

LCROSS Orbital Dynamics and Targeting Constraints
Ken Galal (NASA ARC)

Goldstone Radar Support for LCROSS Evaluation of Impact Sites
Martin Slade (NASA JPL)

Polar Topographic Knowledge Prior to LCROSS Impact
David E. Smith (NASA GSFC), Maria T. Zuber (MIT)

LOLA Laser Radiometry and LCROSS Impact Site Selection
Maria T. Zuber (MIT ), David E. Smith (NASA GSFC), Ian Garrick-Bethell (MIT)

Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector Evaluation of Potential LCROSS Impact Sites
Igor Mitrofanov (Space Research Institute), Richard Starr (The Catholic University of America)

SPH Simulations of the LCROSS Impact
Martin Jutzi (Physikalisches Institut University of Bern), Willy Benz (Physikalisches Institut University of Bern)

Shoemaker Crater–Going Where We Can “See”
Carlton Allen (NASA JSC)


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