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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Design
Ms. Henning's Class
Bolivar Elementary School

model of station layout

drawing of station layout

Moon Base

Our base has four pods and a central area. The central rooms are for recreation and meeting as a group and a communications center. The dome on the top is an observatory. Even on the moon people want to look at the stars.

One of the pods is for living space. Every person has their own small individual living space so they can have time to themselves. The pod in that section is two stories. Another pod can be added on to the existing one if there comes a time when more settlers are added to the colony.

Another pod is a sewage treatment facility. This works like a septic tank. The clean water will be collected and used to water plants in the greenhouse. The solid waste can be compacted and used for fuel or can be used a fertilizer in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse will produce plants for the colonists to eat. These plants will help make oxygen. They will also purify the water further. As they transpire, the water will condense and be collected for use by the colonists. There will also be carbon dioxide scrubbers to remove excess carbon dioxide from the air.

The research lab will be a fully equipped lab to do biomedical research as well as geologic analysis of resources on the moon.

There is a portable habitat so colonists can travel for a day and stay in one spot for a short time and then go back to base.

There are satellite dishes for communication. Also there are solar panels to collect sunlight to power most of the station.

We have devised a cover in case of a report of meteor showers. Small meteors can be withstood by the shells of the pods.



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