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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Designs in order of receipt

thumbnail of student design Shoumik
Class: IX, Age: 14
Guwahati, Assam, India.
thumbnail of title model

Ms. Knox's 5th Grade Science
Fernbank Elementary

photo of model of lunar station Nikki & Brent
Mrs. Franda & Mrs. Phillips - 8th grade science
November 17, 2006
thumbnail of design Mrs. Richards' Class,
Carberry International School
Module 1
thumbnail of design Anne Zarybnisky’s Class
Kenneth J. Carberry Intermediate School
thumbnail of design Mrs. Richards' Class,
Carberry International School
Module 2
thumbnail of student design Ms. Dheming's Students
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Antar C, Tonalli A y Bernardo N
thumbnail of design Mrs. Richards' Class,
Carberry International School
photo of stuents on this team

Ms. Dheming's 7th Grade Students
Cuernavaca, Mexico
MPP-7, RCG-7, GFE-7

thumbnail of opening photo Nishant S.P.
Sardar Patel High School
Bangalore, INDIA
thumbnail of student model Miss Sharlow's SEARCH class
Clyde Riggs Elementary School
Justin, Ashley, Andrea, DJ, Nicole, and Taylor
Brendan Casey's Class
Joan MacQueen Middle School
Elliott Alvarado's 5th Grade Science
West Ward Elementary School
Brendan Casey's Class
By Mason, Luke & Danny
Joan MacQueen Middle School
students behind  model Mrs. Dorer's Grade 4 Class
Lt. Job Lane Elementary School
Connor, Hayley, Kevin, Linda, Albert, Brooke
thumbnail of student model Ms. Willoughby's 5th graders
Hebrew Day School
Maitland, FL
Ms. Gladhart's Students
Eisenhower Elementary,
Station One
By: Stephen, Avery, Anni
thumbnail of student model Ms. Gladhart's Students
Eisenhower Elementary,
Station Two

By: Quinn, Savannah, Cayton, and Lily
Ms. Gladhart's Students
David Brewer Elementary
By: Evan, and Rebecca
student model of station Mrs. Gragert's Class
Holman Middle School
Mr. Martin's class
Tri-Valley School in Healy, AK
Ms. Walter's 7th grade
Johnson Jr. High School
Crystal and Haile
Eagle Point Elementary
4th and 5th grade Science Club
Teacher / Club Sponsor:
Dr. Lisa Milenkovic
Simon Gleeson's Students
Years 5 and 6 (chld ages 9-11)
Everglade Primary School, Auckland, New Zealand
Ms. MacLaughlin
7th Grade NASA Science Elective

In-Tech Academy
Narayana Concept School team
Meghana, Nitya, Visaka & Srikanth
B.Padmanabham-guide teacher
Mr. McKinsey's Class
Pleasant Valley Intermediate
Jacob, Katie, Elizabeth and John
Cogan’s Courageous Crew
Phil Pack's Class
Wyoming Valley West Middle School
Abbey, John, Hannah, and James
From Vivek Yadav
Allahabad, lndia,
thumbnail photo of student designers Mr. McKinsey,
Pleasant Valley Intermediate
Jonathan, Emily, Jon H., Brandon L., Tiffany, Samantha W., Kaitlyn, and John B.
McKinsey’s Moon Maniacs
Ms. Garay's 6th Grade students
Redd School
thumbnail of student model Mr. Harris's students
Fulmore Middle School
Austin, Texas
thumbnail of vehicle Ms. Jamison's Students
Warrington Middle School

By: Breianna, Caleb, Cameron, Ebony,
Khoa, Ralf, Miranda & Shandera
thumbnail of students' model made of legos Deane Buuck's Eight Graders
Winthrop Middle School
Alice and Nicholas
S. Peter's Collegiate School
Vicente, Emilio, José, & Juan Manuel
student model of station Jim Jensen, 6th graders
Dan Savage Middle School
6th Grade Technology Club
thumbnail of student model Kelleen Farrell,
8th Grade Physical Science
Ione Junior High
student model of station Ms. Henning's Class
Bolivar Elementary School
thumbnail of student model Ms. Russo's Class Team 1
Putnam County
thumbnail legos model of student design Ms. Russo's Class Team 2
Putnam County
thumbnail of student model Ms. Westmoreland's 4th Grade
Coconut Creek Elementary Schoo
student design thumbnail Ms. Frankel's Students
West Valley Elementary School
student drawing Michael, Grade 5
Froghollow, Australia
student computer generated model Vishal & Nitin
k.k.Wagh Institute of Engg .Education & Research, India
student model of research station Ms. Audry Rains' 4th grade
gifted class
Tarrant City Schools
student model of design Mrs. Boyd's 5th Grade Class student conceptual design Courtney Howell's Science 9 class, National Sport School
thumbnail of opening page of project Ms. Dheming's Students
Cuernavaca, Mexico
Arie, Mariana y Tania
thumbnail of student model Madison Lewis
West Royalty Elementary
Grade 6
artist image of moon base Mr. Mc Manus Science Students
R.C. Murphy Junior High School


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