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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Design
Mrs. Richards' Class, Carberry International School

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Design Module One

We combined the greenhouse and the habitat so that the oxygen can transfer better.  We are going to put water at the base of the greenhouse to weaken the effect of the possible earthquakes on it.  It and the habitat will be located in a crater. 

We will be using vanadium for a building material, because it is light and available on the moon.  We’ll use airlocks for entering and exiting the habitat.  The greenhouse is in the center of the habitat.  Generators powered by solar panels will be functions of both the habitat and the greenhouse.  The whole operation will be covered with moon dust for extra protection from radiation and insulation against meteor impacts.                   

Most of the greenhouse is hydroponics so there won’t be much need for soil.  The fish and plants will support each other.  The habitat will hold four astronauts.  They will use satellites for communication.  A landing dock will be around the habitat, and there will be an extra power supply for when it is dark.

aerial view of habitat

side view

exterior view of habitat

student drawing

student drawing

student drawing of overviewGreenhouse


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