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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Design
Mrs. Richards' Class, Carberry International School

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Design Module 2

We will make our outpost in a crater. It will be dome shaped and go partway underground to protect the astronauts from radiation. On the top of the dome we will put moon dust to also help protect them from radiation. We will use titanium to build our outpost since it is lightweight and found in moon rocks. To get oxygen we willl melt moon rocks since there is oxygen in them.  Our water supply will come from the rocks too. During the day, power will be made with solar panels and at night we will have half the power we made in a power plant.  To weaken earthquakes we will put water at the bottom of the outpost. Just above the water we have the living quarters. Inside the living quarters will be 9 bedrooms, with a liquids recycling toilet. We have storage, lounge, kitchen, dining, and emergency room facilities. There are also 2 separate communication rooms with large communication dishes. There will be a green house inside the outpost so the astronauts don’t have to put on space suit to get food.  The green house will also provide extra oxygen. The greenhouse has 2 stories. Plants and fish are on the second floor. The fish are in a locker-sized tank.  


student model of detail

student model of final design

student model of final design
student drawing of habitat

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