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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Design
Mrs. Richards' Class, Carberry International School

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Helmet: The helmet is made of plastic that is covered with thick white cotton. Its purpose is to keep the astronaut breathing and safe from moon dust. The glass in the middle of the helmet is protective glass. Its purpose is to protection from radiation and to keep the moon rocks from hitting the astronaut in the face. The glass is made from sand and plastic. The bottom of the helmet has a latch to hold the helmet and suit together. The back of the helmet had a rectangular shape in case the head gets hit. There is an antenna to control the speaker. There’s an automatic replacement of the helmet glass should it get broken.

Top: The shirt is made of thick white cotton. In one arm is a breathing tube connected to the helmet. Also on the arm is an oxygen warning system, indicating low oxygen levels. On the other side is a water pouch in for drinking. It’s made of protective plastic. The gloves are thinner but have equal protection. The gloves are of white cotton, with a temperature control inside.

Bottom:  In the pants there’s a liquid, cooling and ventilation system. The boots are springy and have a first aid kit.

On the back of the suit is an oxygen tank. A battery keeps the oxygen moving to the astronaut.

Emergency Kit: The kit contains an extra air pack, batteries, patches incase the spacesuit gets ripped. There are extra gloves, socks, bandages, and some snacks.



front view of suit back view of suit
student drawing of suit



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