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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Design
Ms. Russo's Class Team 2
Putnam County

Lunar Analog Research Station

legos layout of station

Location: On Earth -- I picked the garden. Bad ways ˆ there is rain and plants grow there. Good ways ˆ you can use sun panels and you can dig there.

On Moon -- I picked Zach, a crater near the pole, because ice might be there. I think I will also have 14 days of dark and 14 days of night.

Energy / Life Support:

Power Supply -- I will use man power, solar power, and nuclear power. For man power you can use a crank and a treadmill to save energy.

Air Supply -- I will bring air to the moon, and I will mine the moon for oxygen, and I will build a greenhouse to make oxygen.

Human Factors:

Exercise & Relaxation --  I have one exercise room with treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, bo-flexes and weights. And I will use those to help store power. I will have couches in the living room and massagers in the exercising room. I will have televisions in the exercise room and living room. 

Food Production & Dining Facilities --  I will store food from the Earth and some space food in the food storage room. I will grow food in the greenhouse. There will be a dining room and a kitchen.

Sleeping Quarters -- There will be two bedrooms, one divider in each room for privacy. There will be two people in each room, and there will be two beds.


On Moon -- I will use walkie talkies and we can use speakers. If we‚re close together we can just talk.

With Earth -- I will use satellite dishes to communicate with Earth. 

Exploration / EVA Activities:

Transportation -- I will use space mobiles and space suits to get around. And we will have a garage to keep space mobiles and the space suits will go in their closet.

Tools for Mining -- They can use chisels for small things and if they need to hit something hard and big they can use a mallet and hammer. They could have a space mobile with a big drill on the front.

Architecture and Materials:

Shape / Dimensions -- The shape of my research station is a 29 foot by 59 foot rectangle.

Materials -- I will build it out of cement, iron, and steel. And my little model is made out of legos.

lego layout according to key drawing of layout with key


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