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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Preliminary Design
Michael, Grade 5
Froghollow, Australia

student design


Some details:

If the lunar space station is located at the equator the habitat stores energy in batteries for the 2 weeks of night in the 2 weeks of day with solar power.
If the habitat is placed at one of the the poles then i would put the habitat on the border for complete night and complete day. The solar panels would be put on the complete day side. The habitat is put on the border of night and day because then the crew members can look for ice on the dark side. For oxygen there is a greenhouse and a machine that gets oxygen out of moon rock. When the oxygen machine has filled the habitat with oxygen it stops pumping to save electricity and the greenhouse cycles the oxygen. The greenhouse can also supply fruit and vegetables for the crew members.

How do you see out?

Why have you got a long hallway? Is this wasted space?
no because you can store your space sutes, tools, and other stuff and then you can acses all the rooms.

There are some problems with stability related to tunneling - how are you going to solve these?
Use triangles or anything without parralel lines because shapes with parrallel lines are floppy, they've got another side to bend with it.
(see cross section)

student drawing of detail

Are you lining these caves?

What's this oxygen room?
Pumps oxygen around the station - you just bring that amount with you and you have a generator that keeps changing the CO2 back into oxygen - like plants. Could be replaced with a greenhouse.

Power source?

Would it be easier to have the whole thing manned largely by robots controlled remotely from earth? Might be less efficient if we need to convert sunlight to food to human energy.
Yes well why DO we want to go to the moon?

Where and how are you going to live while you build this magnificent moonbase?
In your spaceship. A temporary home while you're building a lunar habitat is have a sheet of air tite plastic or some other type of stuff and plaster it over the entrance to a cave and puff oxygen into it by some type of pump.

2.There is also an additional design for a mobile habitat rather like a tent as per the original brief for exploration and prior to establishing a more permanent habitat. Note the crew member is feeding rocks into the air making machine!

"A good place to stay while your habitat is being built is an airtight cave. to make it airtight you stick a sticky and airtight plastic type thing over the cave entrance. Then you pump air into the cave. There is a hole in the plastic where the door on the spaceship fits in (you don't need an airlock because the cave is already airtight) so you can get in without losing any air."

student drawing of cave


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