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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Design
Miss Sharlow's SEARCH class
Clyde Riggs Elementary School
Justin, Ashley, Andrea, DJ, Nicole, and Taylor

student model of the research station

  1. Floor plan
    student drawn floor plan
  2. Weaknesses of the design
    1. only one bathroom

    2. many people are allergic to moondust and this could cause serious
  3. Strengths

  4. 1. We have covered all areas necessary to survive
    2. Water filtration system
    3. hospital
    4. moon dust filters
    5. waste recycle system
    6. telescope and storage
    7. We had fun doing it!

Our research station was designed with you in mind! At the top there are
heat and cold absorbers to maintain the temperature in the station and a
telescope to view the atmosphere and to watch for meteors. To the right
is an elevator, bedrooms, and a bathroom. In the middle is a library for
people to read for research or for entertainment and a control room where
all electrical things are controlled. We also have a kitchen and a
hospital near by. At the bottom is a water filtration system to make
drinking water safe. Last is a waste removal/recycler to take waste from
the bathroom and recycle as a heat source or for fertilizer.

photo of student designers

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