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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Final Design
From Vivek Yadav


On the lunar surface, sired of all we build a shack. It’s participate a role of home for astronauts. This is a permanent base for astronauts, where they are safe from Moon storms, quakes, and radioactive Moon and also from high temperature and low temperature. The Materials which is used for the construction of shake, This Materials is also use for the construction of habitats the geometry of shock is cubical length- 50m wide – 50m, height 60m, total volume is 25000m3. The roof of habitats is semi spherical because me when sun rays incident on the roof, it is reflected in large amount and me temperature of roof does not raise high. The design of shack, show in this picture.

student design of shack
exterior layout diagram of power station and control room

There are four track A,B,C,D, which inter connect with the four habitats each other A and C tracks are connect with exit door. B and D tracks are connect with enter door. This system of enter and exit are follow for all habitat. The size of shack is something large because when first time Astronauts will be go on the moon. They are well arranged with electronic instruments sensors and tools who are help in the making of habitats for protection of this instruments from dust, high temperature radio activation storm it is safe in the shack. So the size of shack is something large. The four dark red line represent the tracks which directly open in the habitats and directly attach with shack. The shack is fully air locked there are three pypes whose cross sectional area is 5cm2   , connect with shack for following of O2   , N2 and CO2 gas. The tracks which are represented by red arrow would be pressurized, thermally controlled, and fully air lock.

illustration of forces which affect the mon's crust

Something about


  • Circumference                                                 =          11,000 Km.
  • Distance from earth                                         =          3,82,200 Km.
  • Diameter                                                          =          3,475 Km.
  • Mass (with respect to earth)                            =          1(8.1)
  • Ratio of gravitational pull of Moon and earth=           1:6
  • Part of Moon not visible from earth                =          41%
  • Maximum distance from earth (Apogee)         =          4,06,000 Km.
  • Minimum distance from earth (perigee)          =          3,64,000 Km.
  • Average distance                                             =          3,82,200 Km.
  • Revolution period around earth                       =          27 days, 7 hrs, 43 min, and

11.47 sec.

  • Rotation period                                                =          27 days, 7 hrs, 43 min and

11.47 sec.

  • Atmosphere                                                     =          Absent
  • Highest Mountain                                           =          35,000 ft (Leibnitz mts)
  • Time taken by Moon light to reach earth         =          1.3 sec
  • Rotation speed                                                 =          3,680 Kmph
  • Speed of revolution around earth                    =          3,680 Kmph

Extra edge

    • All other satellites (except charon) have sizes below 1/8th of the Mother planets. But Moon about 1/4 th the size of earth.
    • Rotate on its axis in exactly the same time as it takes to complete one revolution that is why we see only one side of the Moon (only 59% of its surface) our analysis is in inirtial frame because the rotation  of moon and earth is at constant accreletion and the relative velocity of rotation of Moon and earth is zero it is the reasion of we see only one side of moon.
    • The highest mountains on moon are Liebnitz mountains, which are 10,660 m high. They are situated at Moon’s south pole.
    • Moonlight takes 1.3 sec to reach earth.
    • It has a low albedo (amount of sun light reflected) it reflects only 7% and the rest is absorbed. (Earth 30%, Venus : 70%)
    • Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reached Moon on July 20, 1969 on Apollo  XI and set is called sea of tranquility)

Reason which affect the Moon eco- system in directly or indirectly way.


The area of lab and quient is (50x50)m2 height is 15m and the area of socia area and privacy area is (30x30)m2 height is 10m Lab divide into two parts research area and practical experimental area where the scientists are disrcusiti on with each other that is research area and where the practical on lunar rock’s samples and its extra that is practical and experimental area quiet area devide into three area quiet area is use for preparation of gases, metallurgical process and store room of some important medicine e.t.c. the three divided area of quiet area is gases room, metallurgical room and store room. Social area is devided into three part (Kitchen, bathroom), entertainment room, and bed or rest room. Privacy area are devide into two parts. First where the robot electronic instruments, and vechile standing up right who are work on the lunar surface in day or night second is communication room for earth to moon the communication from one person to another by the transmitter headphone because on the lunar there is no medium for the flow of sound. We can plant a observatory on the Moon for the research of space, galaxy and other researches because there is no pollution no electromagnetic waves which are create disturbence into the telescope.

Green house     The roof of green house is triangular because the sun-rays incident perpendicular  on the roof. Total green house made by glass the refractive index of glass is high because the sun-rays more bend on the green house surface. The area of green house is ( (25x30)m2 hight is 15m the angle of roof from wall is 700. it is sutable for bending the sun rays.

EVA we does not use lorry or truck just like big vechile on the lunar because the big wheel of vechile is big and the energy for starting the vechile is in more amount because the moment of inertia is big and it is danger for vechile the center of gravity is located on the high point and the chance of turn back is much the width of wheel is greater exert low pressure on the Moon surface and running easly.



                       Red doted lines denote the wire which are going in power station.

POWER STATION:- Power station is located in the shack because the shack is located equal distance from every habitat. The model of power station is in given figure.

We can choose two option for energy generating on the lunar out post that is solar is an Ideal source of renewable energy. It’s always there in abundance with no unwanted emissions the eight solar panels are set, around the shack. The area of every panel is 100m2  moon reflect on 7% of solar energy in space and rest absoreve. On the Moon environment there is no cloud and pollution so the solar energy is reached in full amount on the lunar surface. The solar radiation reaches the Moon’s atmosphere at the rate of =1366 watt’s Per square meter. Photo voltanic panels currently covert about 15% of incident sunlight  into electricity therefore, a solar planets on an average delivers 80 –100 w/m2 then for (10x10)m panel it is 800-1000 w/ m2 for 8 panels it is 6400-8000 w/ m2 it is sufficient for at the lunar out post. This electricity is use for lightning in habitats, shack air locked tracks for more energy required, more planels are plant on the lunar.


Solar heating systems:- This system is use sunlight to heat water. These systems are basically composed of solar thermal collectors and a storage tank. The three basic classifications of solar water heaters are:

  • Active systems which use pumps to circulate water or a heat transfer fluid.
  • Passive systems which circulate water or a heat transfer fluid by natural circulation. These are also called thermosiphon systems.
  • Batch systems using a tank directly heated by sunlight.

PROCESS:-  A trombe wall is a passive solar heating and ventilation system consisting of an air channel sandwiched between glazed windows and a sun facing wall. Sunlight heats the thermal mass during the day and drives natural circulation through vents at the top and bottom of the wall. During the evening the trombe wall radiates stored heat. These systems are inexpensive and commercial models have achived efficiencies above 70%.

SOLAR LIGHTING:-The interior of a building and outer place just like road, vechile landing places, outer research area can be lit during daylight hours using ligh tubes. For instance fiber optics light pipes can be connected to a parabolic collector mounted on the roof. The manufacture claims this gives a more natural interior light and can be used to reduce the energy demands of electric lighting.


A solar pond relatively low-tech low cost approach to harvesting solar energy. The principle is to fill a pond with 3-layers of water.

  • A top layer with a low salt content.
  • An intermediate insulting layer with a salt grdiant, which set up a density gradient that prevents heat exchange by natural convection in the water.
  • A bottom layer has with a high salt content which reaches a temperature approaching 900C.

The different densities in the layers due to their salt contents developing which would normally transfer the heat to the surface and then to the air above. The heat trapped in the salty bottom layer can be used for different purpose such as heating of buildings industrial process or generating electricity.


Our habitat’s total wireing system will be underground. It is safe idea to protect the wire from Moon-stroms high temperature very low temperature and moon quakes all wires passes from a heat shelding pipe because of high temperature.

For lighting in habitats and crew at night we are use C.F.L. because C.F.L. taken low voltage and not rediate heat waves we are use thin wire and they twisted with each other because from gauss law the current flow only surface of the wire not inside the wire. If we used heavy wire more amount of electricity is waste in the form of heat energy in the wires. It is also danger for short-circuit total circuit are connect in parallel. We can use low resistance wire because from Formula

W= V2t/R  

If R is greater then work done (w) is less.

From the formula:-

H= i2Rt/4.2 Þ HaR

If R is greater then M(Heat energy) is also greater and it is danger for wires we are use copper wire because it conductivity is good. (Conductivity mean free electron are easly move in wire which is reason of flowing current) we can use li ion battery which is easly charge we are set emergency switch in every habitat cause of any accident.


The silicon is found on the lunar surface in large amount we can use silica for the construction of habitat shack we extracate silicon from lunar rocks and then it react with O2 and C.

Silicon                                     with oxygen Si + O2  ® SiO2

                                                With carbon Si +C ® SiC  (silicon carbide)

We can use SiO2 is extremely high (17400C) a layer of anti radio active matter are paint on the surface of habitats and the region of Moon SiC (carborundum) is sued as an abrasive and refactory material silica (SiO2) is not reacte with acid except HF.

Another option is nitrides for construction which describe in recyling waste. 


If you (NASA) want from me best then it is my full efforts to you for give our best of the best in final design. I gives thanks for NASA because NASA give me a plateform to show our best practice to show our talent and. I am also greatfull for quest challenge team, which give me best instruction for complete our project.




  • Recyling Waste:- On Moon we will use different type of materials so many type of recyling waste will use. Here I am connect the recyling  waste from green house plant or recyle waste in the moon atmosphere Nitrogen (N2) is find in large amount it is known from latest research. I am show a cycle of Nitrogen (N2) How we can use N2 for recyling.

Fig5chart showing recycling waste

We will use this Nitrogen cycle for recyling of Faecal discharge urine and another something like this type of things or compound in which Included urea organic compound etc.

IMP     On the moon Surface Feo is found in large amount. This is know by Research and analysis of gama ray spectrometer.  (Comparison of ground-truth calibrated Lunar propector data with Apollo samples and Lunar meterorites).  We separate this Fe (iron) from o by the Extraction. And then the reaction of Nitrogen with Fe at the very high temperature. The Nitrides of the transition metals are Industrial compound in which Nitrogen atoms occupy the interstices (Due to its small size). These Nitrides are extremely hard and high melting. We can use this Nitrides like a materials for the construction of habitat, shack and heat resistance equipment. We can react the N2 with oxygen to produce N2O4 (Dynitrogen oxide). It has been used as an oxidizer for rocket fuels in space vehicles.

Fixation of atmospheric Nitrogen by symbiotic Bacteria:- Certain plants such as peans, beans, e.t.c, have some special kind of Nitrogen fixing bacteria (Symbloctic bacteria) on the nodules of their roots. These bacteria fix free nitrogen of the air as nitrogen compounds. These compounds spread into the soil after the decay of such plants. These total process doing inside the green house.

We can see the nitrogen cycle is how much important for lunar out post.

PHOSPHORUS CYCLE    phosphorus cycle is very-2 important for us. After water in environment second important element is phosphorus. So the phosphorus need to us on the lunar. In reality, in the ecosystem control and declaration of production of biological product by phosphorical bacatrias. Here I am showing phosphorus cycle for green house on the lunar outpost.

diagram of phosphorus cycle

On the lunar surface it is mixed with potassium(k).Planets received phosphorus in the form of inorganic phosphorus by their roots. In the plants inorganic phosphorus change in the organic or biological forms. This form of phosphorus flowing into the many steps of living system.

Oxygen cycle-                                                                

In biological ecosystem ,oxygen participate an important role from chemical attitude it is very reactive gas because it is combined with many elements. It’s cycle figure is very hard so I can show it on the paper .Oxygen help in the making of protein and grease .It is very important for photosynthesis in the plants this is find on the moon in the form of combined compound just like Feo Al2O3 e.t.c. it is separate by extraction, fraction. This is some simple laboratory technique for separation of the constituents of a mixture.

Carbon cycle-

In ecosystem, the moment of solid, liquid, and gas (CO2) is very important because 50% arid weight of total biological compounds is carbon. The state of carbon in the biological elements in the form of CH2O (carbohydrate), moon’s crust in the form of hydrocarbon. it is important for decomposition of dead organism and other biological, nature compound.

            This four type of cycle is very-2 important for recycling water. Whose uses are, at the lunar outport. This cycles are recycle the waste, who are nature and toxis waste and for other recycling we will use some recycling plants, chemical, process e.t.c. I have no solution for e-waste. This four cycle is also controlled the habits environment. This is accomplished in green house.

we can use some type of farming in green house.

1-contar farming



4-contour bunding .   


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