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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Preliminary Design
Karen Gladhart's 5th grade students
Eisenhower Elementary School
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
Second Team: Savannah, Lily, Quinn, Cayton


Our research station on the moon was made to the best of our abilities as the fifth graders of Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary school.  We have checked most of the many details on how to build a lunar base on the moon, and with that knowledge we have reached our idea of perfection.  Our research station is designed purely from our thoughts and the recordings of our research.  We have taken into mind the food, water, medicine, and other needs of the astronauts.  Of course, we have only been working on this for one or two weeks so we have not finished everything that we would have liked to, but we would be honored if NASA would accept our design or even if you thought about using some of the ideas in our blueprint of the structure.

Our structures are covered with a dome that is made of tinted polycarbonate, a clear substance.  It is 10 ft. tall and 85 ft. in width.  There are walls inside of the dome to separate rooms.  There will be 13 rooms in the research station, each one being approximately six ft. wide.  The walls will be made out of sheet metal covered in acrylic.  The space shuttle is much larger than a regular space shuttle because it is to have a containment unit that will hold all of the research station inside of it.  We know that it would take a lot of energy to get the shuttle up and out of the Earth’s atmosphere, so we added a large fuel unit so that we would be able to have enough fuel to get out of the Earth’s atmosphere and to the moon.  The astronauts shall wear suits with different bright colors on their helmets to identify who is who.  We are sorry but our time is limited, so we must end our explanation soon.  We almost forgot our most important detail, we have magnets on the top and bottom of our research station and small magnets to keep the objects inside of the space station from floating into the air. It is now the end of our time so we must leave now.

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