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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Preliminary Design
Kelleen Farrell, Ione Junior High

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Overall Design:
Our research station is shaped as a dome with areas coming off the dome that have living quarters, kitchen, mess hall, gym, theatre, hospital, a greenhouse, power production center, and research station.  Each area is 2 stories tall.  One story is underground, the other is above ground to allow the people to see the moon.  Each one of our groups wrote a description of the area.

student design\student design

Research Station Architecture and Materials
Our station starts above ground with the lab with like a bubble around it. Then you can get onto an elevator and go under ground and that’s were the rest of the station is. In our station we have a cafeteria, entertainment room, a work out room, rooms, bathrooms, and a med center. Our garage is also above ground.  

Design 2: The space station my group created is made up of an underground “town” as you may call it and two domes. The underground part of the space station consists of rooms for the men and women, with sections separated by gender or marriage. The station will also consists of a theater for entertainment, a hospital for injured people, a green house to grow food and trees to help air circulate, a decontamination room in one of the domes, the other dome would be the lab for outside observations, a storage room, a heating and cooling room, a lunch room, a gym for exercise, and many bathrooms locating from different sections of the station. The exit would be in the decontamination room. Outside a couple of moon buggies would be waiting to explore. We wanted the space station underground because it would be safe from craters and other space problems.

student design

Human factors
We have a two story-building maid of titanium and aluminum. It is two stories high and the first layer is underground. The second layer is above ground and has many research stations and entrainment rooms. There will be a second story on every room except for the observatory room. There for the doors and extra activity rooms will be two stories. It has mudrooms from the inside of the building going out. So that the moon dust wont harm you in anyway. We have a hygiene room so we don’t smell badly. There are many kitchens in this building.

We picked a crater that is safe or has the smallest amount of radiation. The crater also has protection from other things like space dust. The crater can also hold a large amount of people in it. The crater can keep us in it securely with its natural walls. You could put a layout on the crater and put securing stabilizers connected to the platform and into the moon. And you could put a dome over the platform and use pressure to keep us down from gravity. We could also use the crater to use as storage for cold things inside of it. 

Energy and Life Support
We made a workout room because from the gravity on the moon is less and you can get weak. We have a “space” car because if we need to do some research out in outer space we can just drive to the place we need to go. We have a basketball court because for the entertainment, same as the TV. We have a cleaning room right by the entrance so we wont get infected. We have bathrooms to get rid of waste. We use biofuel to heat and supply energy to the lunar station. We will have a processing plant for oxygen, water, waste and food. We will have a green house with artificial lighting so we can have food. We will recycle waste by ejecting it out into space, or recycle it into energy or fuel.


Exploration and Eva
How we explore is we have a space suit that is made out of most of these things.
Nylon tricot
Urethane coated nylon

Inside it is warm and it has a head set to talk, big thick gloves, an oxygen meter, big shoes, zippers, patches, and last a helmet that locks on to the suit.

The vehicle that the astronauts should use is one that has fuel made of ethanol, made of corn, and waste. It looks like a little buggy that straps you in so you don’t float a way.

Our group designed a door and chamber to protect the astronauts from contamination.  The door has a pink sponge seal that holds the door down. The black line in the center of the door slides open like an elevator door. The blue and red circles on top of the door connect to the purple security code box and balances the astronauts body temperature to the temperature inside the lab station. The security code box uses a glove print instead of a fingerprint to signal the door to open. The green chambers are in front of the door and have Yellow cleansing rays that send out puffs that exterminate harmful carbon dioxide, toxic waste, and grey water.  There are two chambers to give extra protection to the astronauts. Green circular sensors in front of each chamber sense the astronaut’s movement,  and opens the small chamber door, and then the large gray door with the pink sealing sponge.

Images of the door lock and contamination chamger

Images of the door lock and contamination chamger


We have drawings of the exterior, space suit, EVA and coontamition chamber
and door lock. I will happily send you the remaining drawings when I
merge them. Let me know if that is necessary as it is a challenge ( and
I'm not up to too many more challenges!:) )



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