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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Moon Research Station from
Mr. Martin's Class at Tri-Valley School

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The Rocket ships and landing craft that we are building to land on the moon.

We are building the Main Rocket that will carry us out of the orbit and will get us to the moon so we can jetasin out smaller ships and land on the moon and the EVA stuff can be taken out and be put to use. We are also building a “Main Rocket” that will be jetasined out of the main rocket and carried all of the EVA stuff to the moon so we can study the moon and it’s features. Also there is a little glider that will take all of the EVA stuff down to the moon. There is a tiny little ship that is used to transfer all of the EVA stuff from the big ship to the little glider ship that will take about four of five trips to the moon and back to the ship to get all of the EVA stuff down to the moon. That is all of our creations for “Trasportation” so now I will tell you about Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA).

We will be making a little “car” it will have four wheels and the best suspension we can get, it also has a sat phone and a bubble where the driver will drive and he does not need to where a space suit while the other guys will sit in back where they need to wear space suits because they would be outside. There will be a track vehicle that will have a claw that will collect rocks and things from the moons surface. The space suits that they will use will be made out Nylon Tricot, Spandex, Urathane coated Nylon, Dacron, Neoprean Coated Nylon, Mylar, Gortex, Kevlar, Nomex. There will be a hovercraft that will do the same thing as the tracked vehicle, but the back can also be severed as a transportation vehicle. All of the building supplies will stay in the normal shuttle and that will land as soon as the EVA people will make a landing strip for it to land on. Then the buildings will be put up within the hour of the normal ship landing.

Mission To The Moon
We will basically have a four-stage rocket. First we will have one big rocket to fire us out of the earths orbit. Then when the rocket gets out of the orbit the rocket attached to that will pop off. The next stage then will happen were the main rocket splits in half. A bigger rocket then the one that popped off at first will come out. They will then fly to the moon. When they get there a very small rocket will come out of the one that came out of the main rocket. It will then go down to the moon and make a runway for the bigger ships. Then they can land on the moon and deliver supplies and start building the buildings and EVA.

student design

Human Needs
Recreation models

We are making models of different buildings where the people would have recreational things to do. Like one building has a tennis court in it. And there is an outhouse and there is also one with a big screen TV where they can watch movies. And we made a building with exercise equipment. That is what we are trying to model for recreation.

O2 & HO2 Catcher

For the oxygen catcher there will be three parts.  The place for the fire to heat the material, then there is the place for the moon dust inserted and separated, then the bottle on top to catch the oxygen then there was a tube that you can get the oxygen from.

For the water catcher there will be three legs then a tube through those legs to pound into the ground and suck up the ice.  There will be a bottle on the top then a wire connected to the bottle to heat it up then there will be a small tube to get the water from.


student design

Our House on the moon!

            We have come up with the idea of making a house in space.  The outside would look like a bubble with a smaller bubble on top of that.  On top of that bubble there will be a magnet.  The magnet will be supper strong and will attract moon dust.  When you walk in you will find yourself in an entryway.  This entryway is to take off all of your astronaut gear and get rid of all the bad air.  Then you will open the big FRENCH doors and are now in the house.  To your left there is a kitchen with all of the great essentials.  The. To your right there is a Utility room to get to the door you need to walk a little bit forward then take a right nest to the utility room there is a storage room.  In the middle of the living room there us a skylight if you take a left you will soon find a door that leads into the gym/recreations room.  It here there will be many things that can keep you busy, and is shape.  There is a door from the gym that leads to the bathroom.  From the bathroom you can go back into the gym or go into the animal-testing lab.   Once you are in the Animal testing lab there are many testing tools.  If you go through the open space you will be led into the Science lab from there you can go into the communication lab.  The communication lab will help us to talk to our fellow American on the earth.  To get out of the animal testing lab and the science lab you go out the FRENCH doors.  Now you are back in the living room.  If you go to the middle of the living room and take a left you will see a bunch of door.  The first door is to the clinic that will save somebody’s life.  Then across from that there is 2 bedrooms.  If you keep going strait you would reach the other bathroom.  Right next to the FRECH doors there is a giant bookshelf that will help you find any information that you need on space.  Around the outside of the house there will be solar panels that will move with the sun and allow us to get energy. The solar panels will power the buildings and the charged batteries are for the vehicles. Some of the power will go into the generator and it will power the station when there is no sun. There will be about 50 to 60 solar panels and these will power the whole station.

student design



SAT phone radio drawing
laptop computer




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