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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Ms. Audry Rains' 4th grade class
Gifted Education
Tarrant City Schools

We have written descriptions for each of the sections of the challenge. Our class has
only worked on the project for two class periods and we know we have a long way to go.
We appreciate any input you can offer!

We will build the station out of steel and iron.
It will be shaped in an oval and be below ground for three stories.
We will also have some storage areas outside of the main space station.
We will have special machines to control the temperature.
To protect the humans from the moon we will build sturdy space crafts and be sure the
Research Station is very well built. The astronauts will have a door that will open
and close automatically to protect them from the moon‚s environment when they do EVA.

In our Research Station we will have:
A Spacesuit closet
A rest area/bedroom (with space beds)
A recycling area
A privacy room
Oxygen tanks
A computer
A kitchen
A gravity switch the astronauts can push to make gravity
A secure door that requires a code for entry or exit
An exercise room
Laboratories and other research spaces

Breakfast foods: Eggs, Bacon, Cereal
Lunch Foods: Green Beans and Garlic, Wheat Bread, Turkey,
Dinner foods: Potatoes with bacon, spicy potatoes, soybean burger,
Snack foods: Potato chips, pudding, candy bars
Fruit: mixed fruit (no juice), fresh peaches, apples, and oranges.

Our group developed an „Astro Phone‰ which is like a normal phone but has a satellite
added to it. This phone also has text messaging abilities and is a video camera
phone. The Astro Phone will also have a vibrating ringer.
The astronauts will also use walkie-talkies to communicate with one another while they
are on the moon. These walkie-talkies will be better than the kind we use on earth.
The astronauts will be able to see each other while they are talking. The walkie-
talkies also have subtitles for astronauts who speak different languages and even the



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