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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Preliminary Design from:
Ms. Sharlow's Class, Clyde Riggs Elementary

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student design

The telescope room is where people look to see if there is anything coming
near the station.

The satellite is where we can communicate with other people

The solar panels are to provide energy for electricity.

The cool and heat absorbers are how it gets its hot and cold air

The filter filters the air so we can breathe clean air

The waste room is where we store waste to be used for fertilizer

The soil in the waste room is to absorb the waste

The bedrooms have bunkbeds and regular beds to sleep on

There is a school to provide classes

The library has books about the moon and books for entertainment

The cafeteria has a kitchen to cook in and a place to eat

The hospital has a check up room and a surgery room

The control room controls all of the lights, cameras, and other things
powered by energy

There is also a gravity switch so everything doesn't float up

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