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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

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From Vivek Yadav

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Our lunar habitat will be locate where noon will be shorter chnar compare to night because at noon moon’s temperature raise very high ~ (800 to 1000C) this is harm full for electronic sensor and instruments in noon large amount of sunrays are emerge on the surface of noon so if is also reflect in the form of radiation of heat. So environment around the habitat’s and research’s laces are also heat in the lunar morning (according to earths time ~ 5 A.M. to 10 A.M.) environment is normal (exclude moon storm) we does not know are exactly timing of moon storm but we can know the average time of storm by analysis of the data of storm comes for day on the lunar surface. Our habitat for from creators it can be danger for robots or vehicles or human habitat made on flat surface there were no creators (big or small) and surface is also hard- because when any vehicle or man or robot machine (heavy) walked on the dirty surface it is in dirty particle and problem in walked for machine.


Solar energy is generally option for generate energy on moon second option is energy generate by chemical reaction or radio activation but second option is some difficult because by the chemical reaction energy can not be generate in large amount and it is danger cause of exposition radio activation is good option but it is much time taker because first of  


All, mode for radioactive energy we will made a radiator for control chain reaction in Nuclear fusion it can be danger because if radiator element is leak men it is danger for the scientist who are work in habitat. If we start for made a radioactive radiator with softness from year 2008.then we can make a perfect energy resource for NASA 2018 LUNAR MISSION. The generate energy will used for light communication, for heating for cooking solar cooker is the best option for cooling we can use adiabatic process. We cold our water and other things in night at suitable temperature after cooling we pack his thing in adiabatic pot next night.


Our habitat made by non-heat conducting materials. Because in noon temperature raise very high and cause of hot environment the heat conducting walls of habitat we can  generate oxygen by industrial method in large amount. O2 can be obtained from water by its electrolysis.

H2O (acidulated)                     H+ (aq) + OH-  ]X 4

At cathode:-     H+ (aq) + e-                             ½ H2 (g) ] X 4

At anode:-       4(OH) (aq)      O2 + 2H2O + 4e

Net reaction :-  2H2O electrolysis 2 H2 (g) + O2 (g)             

We can use H2 for an option of fuel for vehicle and O2 for breathi ng at anode reaction we find H2O which is used for drinking cooking e.t.c.

We used nitrogen gas for cooling environment of habitat in lunar day.


NH4Cl + NaNO2                                    NH4 NO2 +NaCl


NH4 NO2                                                N2 + 2H2O

Since ammonium nitrate is very unstable it cannot be kept. Hence nitrogen is usually prepared by heating of mixture of ammonium chloride and sodium nitrate.

We can made a green house garden in which we fertilized are some useful thing which is important for life. For recycling waste first of all we will used organic compound which is recycled easily. We more recycling plant on the moon in green house plant we can used some useful bacteria for recycling the moon surface at micro stage.


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