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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Preliminary Design from:
Ms. Vallieres' Humanities Class, Sequoyah Middle School
By: Alex, Isaiah, Luke, Adam, Albert
Team name: Super Nova's

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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge


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Design Development:

Written Description of Lunar Location Station:

It is in the back of Sequoyah on the right hand side.  It is on a gravel path.

Why did your team select this site?

Because it is in a clearing and gravel is a strong foundation.

What are the strengths your team site has to offer?

  • Gravel for the foundation
  • An open space from trees.
  • Flat land

What are the weaknesses of your location?

  • Trees are 50 yards away
  • Floods and rain
  • Next to a slope

Location of Lunar Station:         Back of Sequoyah on the right.

What question would you like to ask the scientist at NASA about your Lunar Station Project?

  • What is the best building material?
  • Are there and specific shapes of the station that work better than others?
  • Are there any specific sizes that you could suggest?
  • Is our location good?

Lunar Research Design Challenge

Human Requirements for living & working on the moon:

  • Water bottle, cup shampoo, watch
  • Food, rock hammer, camcorder, movies, CD’s, and tapes.
  • Air, fun stuff.
  • Bible
  • Gear, waterproof jacket, boots, hat, duffel bag, sleeping bag, pillow, knife, laptop computer, digital camera.

Items we are going to have to live without:

  • Games
  • Jewelry
  • Cars
  • Internet
  • Football

Design:  How will you design support energy requirements for heating/cooling, cooking, working, lighting, communications, etc.?

There will be a kitchen, a bunch of solar panels, a couple of generators and batteries.

How will your design provide life support (oxygen, warmth, cooling, etc,)?

There will be a plant room for air



What provisions will you make for recycling waste?

Put in a big tank

How will your design support entry/exit from the living quarters to the outside, transportation on the surface, spacesuits, exploration equipment, etc.?

Air tight doors, oxygen tanks, ATV’s, newest most high-tech spacesuits and trailers for ATV’s.

Will your research station have to be below ground?  Why or why not?

Yes because we will need extra storage space.

What materials will you build your station out of?  Why?

Lunar Station Materials


Model Materials

Flexi – glass

Strong and Flexible


Rubbery Material

Strong and flexible for moon quakes


How will you protect the explorers from radiation, exposure to the sun?

High-tech space suits only outside

Regular clothing inside

How will you protect the equipment from dust, exposure to heat/cold?

With high-tech equipment covers.

How will you protect the Moon from contamination from humans?

With space suits.

How will you deal with carbon dioxide, gray water, and toxic waste etc.?

Plant room oxygen tanks, bring barrels with water, and have a trash room.

Prepare a fool plan of your research station and any outside support structures (garage, storage areas).


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