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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Preliminary Design from:
Ms. Vallieres' Class, Sequoyah Middle School
By: Tasha, Jacob, Tyler, Crystal, and Patti
Team name: Solar Searchers

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Requirements for Living and Working on the Moon:

Oxygen; Food; Water; and some sort of human environment.

Items we will have to live without:

Television; Fast food; Going outside in just jeans; Computer games; and phone calls to friends.

Building Supplies

We would have to use batteries to support energy. We would also have to bring in light bulbs; wires; and some tape to tape one end of the battery to the wire which connects to the small light bulb, which they can hold on the other side of the battery to produce light. The type of batteries we could use for the bulbs is 19v. To get more energy, we will have to bring in nuclear energy and solar energy to heat the station and so they can put on the computers and talking devices they use to talk to the people on earth. To keep in oxygen, warmth and cooling we will probably use the stuff the space suits are made out of with one more layer on tin and metal on the outside. For the recycling waste we can build a recycling room so we can compact all the metal and other wastes so that we can save it until we go back to earth, and if we need to patch up a hole in the station, the metal and wastes will be there to use.

Entry / Exit Space


We should make an air lock with and air vacuum to remove all air from getting into space. It will hold them in the air lock for about 5 minutes and then one the machines we will put in there detect no more air oxygen or any of that stuff is there, then they will be let out into space.

Below Ground or Above?

Partially, because we will make it stick to the ground by building it underground. If we build a few feet from the first floor, then we can still see space. If we build the entire thing underground, then we can’t observe space because we couldn’t get out of the station unless the air lock was on top, and the telescope is hanging out the top.


An oxygen tank with an air filter will keep away exposure to the sun, while building it underground will block it from radiation as well. Tin, metal, and wood can block it from dust and a mini heater and air conditioner can block is from heat/cold. We can use gloves to keep your hand germs off the moon, and moon rovers can keep our feet germs from getting on space. To get rid of carbon dioxide, grey water and toxic waste we will need to build strong wood and tin around the station to block those.

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