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Lunar Research Station Design Challenge

Preliminary Design from:
Ms. Vallieres' Class, Sequoyah Middle School
Cassie, Jackie, Elaine, Tori, Isabel, Nimotalai

Team name: Shooting Starz

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Design Development:

Written Description of Lunar Location Station:

Patches of Grass and bits of rock no trees within a 12-yard premise. Clear view of the sky and flat surface.

Why did your team select this site?

Because of the clear view of the sky and the flat surface.

What are the strengths your team site has to offer?

  • It has a flat surface.
  • It is a clear viewing of the sky.
  • It is not surrounded by trees.

What are the weaknesses of your location?

  • It has little human interaction.
  • It has little animal interaction.
  • It has weather interactions.

What questions would you like to ask the scientists a NASA about your Lunar Station Project?

  • How long do lunar stations last?
  • What spots are good for a lunar station?
  • What is the greatest discovery found in a lunar station?
  • How do you build a lunar station?

What provisions will you make for recycling waste?

We will have one toilet for liquid and one for solid. We will build a holding tank for the solid and use and a Travel-John personal urinal for when we are in the holding tank.

How will your design support entry/exit from the living quarters to the outside, transportation on the surface, spacesuits, exploration equipment, ect.? 

Air lock for entry/exit from living quarters to outside. Roversfor transportation on surface. Our spacesuits will include liquid cooling garment, gasbag, restaurant layer, meteoroid protective layer, oxygen tank, and huge helmet to contain oxygen.

Will your research station have to be below the ground? Why or why not?

No, we will not have an underground part because we wish not to be in danger or dig in the moon.

student design

student design


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