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5 Steps for Participating in a QuestChat:

  1. Registering
  2. Entering The Chat Room
  3. Identifying Yourself
  4. Showing posted messages and Scrolling Back
  5. Chatting
Step 1: Registering:

Quest chats usually require registration. The primary purpose of the Quest projects is to service the K-12 classroom. In order to maintain a worry-free environment, we would like to know with whom we are chatting. If you cannot provide the information requested, you are still invited to observe the chat without registration.

Note: When you register for a chat, one of the limited spots has been reserved for you. If you are unable to attend, please notify the Chat moderator.

Step 2 : Entering The Chat Room:
  1. Point your Web browser to the specific chat room location (URL) that you were given when you registered, or return to the calendar of events and enter from the "Already registered? Join the..." button

  2. Enter the User Name and password EXACTLY as you were given in your confirmation. If you delete or add spaces...you wil be denied entry and will have to try again.
Step 3: Identifying Yourself: