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Live Interactions

5 Steps for Participating in a QuestChat

Chatting with Mars Team Experts
During the course of the Mars Team Online project, various NASA experts will be available for live interactions with students. To participate, you need only have access to a modern Web (Internet) browser. Participation may be active (see registration instructions below) or passive (a link to an observation room will be provided). We request that you become acquainted with the featured expert by reading his/her autobiography and field journals, prior to participation in a QuestChat.

Chatting with Colleauges, MTO Staff, and Others
Weekly sessions are held to connect adults using the project with one another and with Mars Team Online staff. These regularly scheduled chats are intended primarily for teachers (including homeschool teachers) who are using Mars Team Online and other Sharing NASA Quest projects in their classrooms. The objective is to allow collaboration with peers to best determine how this project can help in learning. These chat sessions can also help with familiarization with the system before a scheduled chat with a Mars Team expert. Currently, these chats are held every Thursday.

These events happen using QuestChat software (no download is necessary), a technology that allows you and others to type and read brief thoughts. To read dialogue from previous Mars Team Online chats, visit our chat archives.

Contact Oran Cox if you have any questions or problems with the registration procedures. We hope you can join us!

Chatting with Mars Team experts

What Time is the Chat Where I Live?
Submit Your Chat Questions Prior to a QuestChat!

Thursday, December 10, 1998, 3:00 PM Pacific Time: Jack Farmer, exobiologist
jack farmer Read Jack Farmer's autobiography to learn more about his career.

An archive of this chat is available.

Archives of previous chats with Mars Team experts are available.


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