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Home School WebChats - Hosted by Gayle Remisch

October 23, 1996

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 10:52AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle (London), if your here, will there be a homeschool chat today
at 2pm EDT? If there will, I will be late for it (2:30 or so). I have a
short meeting that I have to attend at 2pm.

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 11:08AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Don, no problem. see you then.

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 11:21AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Well the meeting was quick, so... I'm back.

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 11:29AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Gayle, the last time we spoke you said that you were making
adjustments to the teachers guide to make it suitable for K-2. How is
that coming? Meanwhile, my wife and I are now moving in the
direction of leading our entire support group through this. We are
planning on holding a meeting with other parents to try to get their

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 11:56AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Hi Don, sorry, I'm here now,

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 11:57AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
It is slow because I'm doing a number of added things presently.

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 11:58AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
No problem. I understand. We certainly live in a multi-tasking world.

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:00AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I was replying to some rather important mail. anyway, I've also started
up a new group called "LEAP" London Educational Alternative
Program. We will be meeting every Thursday morning.

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:01AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
So now the MTO stuff is on Friday mornings when other hs'ers come
over and we talk, play, plan and create about MTO. Have you looked at
the other programs SMORE, Women etc.?

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:02AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
By "Educational Alternative" do you mean home education?

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:02AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
How old are your kids?

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:03AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Absolutely home - education. but to include small private schools as
well since it looks like I might be becoming one if the parents want to
leave their children with me when they are 6.

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:03AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
How many other hs'ers do you have involved? No I haven't looked
into the other programs. I am doing well enough just trying to handle

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:05AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
My kids are 7 (Melissa) and 8 (Danny). Does Canada/Ontario require
you to become an "official" private school if you teach other children?

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:15AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
By the way, I don't know if you subscribe to Discuss-LFM. For the
past 5 days I have been receiving the SAME message. It no longer
comes from "Operator" as before, but from "Super-User". Is this true
for you? 

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:19AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
As far as I know Ontario does require you to be a Private school if you
teach other children, but officially the rules change so often it's hard to
keep track sometimes.

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:21AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I am subscribed to Discuss-LFM but I haven't gotten that message. I'm
sure Marc will be reviewing these messages before the chats tomorrow
so perhaps he can answer that. Also I should be there for that chat so if
he didn't catch it I'll ask him for you. 

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:23AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
I have been curious how Texas addresses the private school issue. I
know of some families that teach other children. As far as I know,
Texas automatically considers hs'ers as private schools.

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:23AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Sorry Don, I must go now but maybe I'll catch you next week or
tomorrow if you're at the MTO chat.

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:24AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
That's something I'd post to one of the hs'ing mail-lists if I were you
and I'd be quite interested in a response about that.

Gayle (London On): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:24AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Take care and see you later, thanks for coming, bye 4 now, Gayle

Don (Homeschool): . . . . Wed, Oct 23, 12:26AM PDT (-0800 GMT)
Bye and take care.


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