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Neurolab Team to Discuss Results, Potential Health Benefits

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NeurOn (Neurolab Online) is a project that invites classrooms around the world to join NASA personnel as they prepare for the Neurolab mission, STS-90. NeurOn uses the Internet and Email to help break barriers between NASA and the classroom.

The Neurolab mission will conduct brain research to study neurological and behavioral changes in space. The NeurOn project focuses on the people of the project, their efforts, their successes, and their challenges, as revealed through informal biographies, journals, and Web chats. Hands-on activities will further help students to experience the mission in their classroom.

The Neurolab Online Web pages will include:

Welcome/Project News:
What's new on the NeurOn website
An introduction to NeurOn
An introduction to electronic fieldtrips
News about this project
Press releases about Neurolab
NeurOn Updates archive
Featured Events: Project segments to stimulate student interest
The Great Habitat Debate
Logo design contest
NeurOn Salutes Brain Awareness Week
NeurOn at the launch!
The NeurOn Team:
Biographical sketches of the men and women of the project
Journal reports from Neurolab personnel describe their day-to-day activities and their particular roles in the project
Chats: Participants type in short messages and receive live responses
from other participants, the NeurOn staff, or Neurolab experts
Archive of past chats
Ask questions Provided an ability for students to ask questions of project participants via email
Archive of questions and answers
Background information about:
The experiments
Space Life Sciences
Related web pages
Video broadcast: WPSX-TV's "What's in the News"
Educational news segments that complement NeurOn
Experiments that parallel those conducted on Neurolab
Video tape ordering information
Photo Gallery: Interesting and relevant images
Animal Images
Laboratories and equipment
Life in space
Neurolab crew training
Kennedy Space Center's Pictorial Countdown to Launch
Link to virtual tour of Neurolab version of Spacelab
Teachers' Lounge
Resource materials for the classroom teacher including lesson plans
How to connect with other teachers through email and chatting
Related teaching links
Kids' Corner
Projects for kids
Gallery of student work
Gallery of participating classrooms
NeurOn ExPress - Kid produced publication on Neurolab
Student Stumpers
Link to Canadian Space Agency Kid's Zone

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