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Submitted by Alex Donahue
Time: Event:
1 min 1. Check on hamster once each day.
2. Solar electricity used.No electricity stored.
3. Electrical furnace used to keep cabin warm.
4. Fan blows waste into charcoal. Charcoal absorbs waste.
5. Fan keeps the air clean.
20 sec 6. Turn the light down when they are sleeping.
1 min 7. If waste is bad give digestive pill that dissolves in water
1 min 8. Refill water once a day.
9. Hamster is trained to sleep in space from a machine on earth that the magnetic force is so great the gravity is 0.
1 min 10.The solid food will dissolve in water so the hamster eats dissolved food. There is a food and water tank and the food tank goes to the water tube and dissolves in water.


Door, chains, and hamster all weigh 1 pound.
Cage weighs 3 pounds.
Charcoal weighs 3 pounds.
Water tank weighs 3 pounds.
Main water and food tank weighs 10 pounds.
Light weighs 5 pounds.
Furnace weighs 9 pounds.
Total lbs: 45 pounds.

Measurements: Cage 1m on each side.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on image to see full sized

See correspondence with Alex in debate-nrn (in Mom, Louise Donahue's name) as he worked to find the solutions reflected in the design above.


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