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Alex to Chris Barreras
Response to critique:

After reading Chris's comments about my habitat idea, I have answered his questions:
  1. How does the rodent get fresh recirculated air?
    A very small suction tube with a fine mesh screen can be attached to the habitat extending out to the cabin, continually bringing in air in a very small amount. If debris blocks the tube, an alarm will sound, and the staff will clear the debris. Inside the habitat, the fan will continually recirculate the air.

  2. re: the hamster colliding with the fan.
    Put a covering over the fan.

  3. re: the chains:
    Replace the chains with velcro.

  4. How is the animal going to get the food?
    It finds its way to the tubes and sucks the food and water.

  5. How is heat transferred to the animal?
    The light is left on for 12 hrs, and has an automatic switch to turn off for 12 hrs. While it is on, it provides heat for the animal, and that heat is also stored in covered electrical coils in the sides and/or floor of the habitat. The animal would not be in danger of touching the coils.

  6. All of the seams would be sealed well.


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