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Aquatic Habitat

Submitted by the aquatic team: Jose V., Jose E., Julio, Vianey, Edgar and Luis

Montgomery High School

Our tank is 20 by 20 by 15 which makes it 6,000 cubic centimeters. This much water weighs 6 kilograms. This means both salt water and fresh water tanks will be less than 25 kilograms in weight. We have food released at regular intervals by a machine. We also included a few floating plants for oxygen and food, and snails to eat wastes. Most of the wastes are taken care of by a system which circulates the water outside the tank. It passes through a filter and over a gas permeable plate where carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen. There is a light which is attached to a thermostat so it only goes on when the temperature is low enough.

student drawing of a habitat

Click on picture to see more detail


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