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The Pateau-A-Tire Fishy Tank

Submitted by Auri from Tatem School

Hear are the details behind The Pateau-A-Tire Fishy Tank. It's approximately 1 foot tall. It has a mermaid and a cave for hours of fun. For food it has a funnel at the top of the tank that goes in the water with a vacuum with a button to turn it on attached inside the funnel, the vacuum is attached to a cup with fish food in it. To activate turn on the vacuum and some food will go in the fish tank. For their bathroom use you need two people to activate. Their is a vacuum in part of the funnel that sticks up a little from under the rocks at the end of the day you turn on another vacuum switch you turn on and it sucks up their business, the other person stands by the persons toilet and holds the other end of the vacuum in the toilet and let he or she's business go in. Then flush. For fresh water attach a air freshener inside the tank and put plastic over it. Hope you like it.

student design of space acquarium

Click on picture to see more detail


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